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Those who’ve been keeping up with Selling Sunset are aware Jason Oppenheim from The Oppenheim Group has a serious romantic history with Mary Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald marries her French partner, Romaine Bonnet, on the show. But now, Christine Quinn, the pot-stirrer of the real estate group, mentioned something about Fitzgerald and Oppenheim still being in love.

Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim from ‘Selling Sunset’ have quite a history

From the start of Selling Sunset, fans are aware that Fitzgerald and Oppenheim dated at one point for about a year. And they appear to have left things off on a good note. Fitzgerald and Oppenheim seem totally comfortable around each other, and they even take care of their dogs together.

So, why did the two break things off? It’s still unclear — and it sounds messy. “[The break up is] probably more on me,” Oppenheim explained in the show. “We were good friends before but we’re much closer now.”

Fitzgerald then added that post-breakup the two continued to date — though all bets seem to be off now. Today, they’re the best of friends, or so they claim.

“The truth is my three ex-girlfriends are three of the closest friends in my life right now, Mary being my best girl-friend,” Oppenheim explained to Express. “I’ve never done anything to disrespect anyone and neither has anyone done anything to disrespect me, so at the end of the day when it didn’t work out it wasn’t because anybody cheated … it just came to the point where the relationship wasn’t going to go any further and we just broke up.”

Fitzgerald married Romaine Bonnet, as seen on the show

The show follows Fitzgerald’s romance with Romaine Bonnet. Bonnet is over a decade younger than Fitzgerald, and Fitzgerald’s coworkers grew concerned that their age gap wouldn’t work for Bonnet’s plans for kids in the future. But the two lovebirds continued on anyway and had a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony.

While there’s notable tension between Fitzgerald and Bonnet on the show in season 3, it seems the two are still making their relationship work. Life & Style reported in August 2020 that Bonnet and Fitzgerald are as happy as ever, as they’re just about 10 months into their relationship.

“Seems like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle towards Romain on the Doheny property,” Fitzgerald told Life & Style. “Married life has been so busy! We are working non-stop. Even while the rest of the world is in quarantine, it seems like we can’t catch a break! Romain is out the door at 6:30 am each morning for work.”

Christine Quinn thinks Oppenheim and Fitzgerald aren’t really over each other

(L-R) Brett Oppenheim, Brandon Riegg, Christine Quinn, and Jason Oppenheim attend Netflix's  'Selling Sunset' private viewing party
(L-R) Brett Oppenheim, Brandon Riegg, Christine Quinn, and Jason Oppenheim attend Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ private viewing party | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

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While Fitzgerald seems truly happy, Quinn thinks something else might be brewing beneath the surface. Quinn and Fitzgerald were best friends during the first season of Selling Sunset, but they had a rift right around Fitzgerald’s wedding. And it seems Quinn suspects Oppenheim and Fitzgerald still have feelings for each other.

Yahoo reports Quinn told the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast that Quinn and Fitzgerald “have this really strong relationship and connection” and “have a very different bond that they’ve always had.” Quinn then dropped an additional bomb by adding, “I think that they’re both in love with each other.”

Quinn’s comment could’ve been a serious jaw-dropper — but she attempted to downplay it after she said it. “In a platonic way,” she added.

It doesn’t look like Bonnet and Fitzgerald will be breaking up over Oppenheim anytime soon. But we’ll keep watch to see how everything continues to unfold on Selling Sunset.

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