Serial Killer Week Kicks Off August 30 on ID. Here’s the Complete Schedule.

Things are going to be even creepier than normal over at ID for the next few days. That’s because it’s Serial Killer Week at the true-crime focused channel. The hair-raising five-night event kicks off on August 30 and includes all-new specials on some infamous killers as well as lesser-known (but no less terrifying) monsters. 

Inside the crimes of the BTK Killer and Alaska’s ‘Butcher Baker’

BTK Killer mugshot
Dennis Rader aka the BTK Killer | Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

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Serial Killer Week will include a new documentaries about both Robert Hansen, a murderer from Alaska dubbed the “Butcher Baker,” and the notorious BTK Killer

The 3-hour special BTK: Chasing a Serial Killer dives into the mystery of Dennis Rader, an outwardly normal Kansas man who killed 10 people between 1974 and 1991. Interviews with his daughter, Kerri Rawson, shed light on this killer who hid in plain sight. Additional interviews with those close to the case reveal more details about Rader’s shocking crimes. It airs Friday, Sept. 4 at 9/8c. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 2, ID premieres The Butcher Baker: Mind of a Monster. This 2-hour special looks at Hansen, a family man who ran a bakery in Anchorage, Alaska. But Hansen was hiding a dark secret. From the early 1970s through the early 1980s, he murdered more than a dozen women, flying them into the wilderness and then hunting them down for sport. Though tapes of Hansen’s confession have been lost for 35 years, now, along with testimony of his friends, victims, and the officers who investigated the crime, this special reveals the truth about the “Butcher Baker.” 

Other specials focus on Samuel Little and Phillip Jablonski

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ID’s three other Serial Killer Week specials will focus on the crimes of Shawn Grate, Samuel Little, and Phillip Jablonski. 

A 90-minute episode of Evil Lives Here features an exclusive interview with Grate’s girlfriend Christina Hildreth. Grate is an Ohio man arrested in 2016 who eventually confessed to multiple murders.  

Also on the schedule is a 4-hour, two-part special about Samuel Little, one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Little was convicted of four murders in 2012 but is believed to have killed as many as 93 women over a span of 40 years. 

In 1991, someone murdered three women in California in the span of several days. Authorities soon connected the crimes to Phillip Jablonski, who’d recently been released from prison for killing another woman. The Serial Killer Among Us: Phillip Jablonski looks at Jablonski’s crimes and the search for a suspected serial killer. 

The complete Serial Killer Week schedule 

Here’s when you can watch all of the new Serial Killer Week specials on ID. 

Sunday, Aug. 30: Evil Lives Here at 9/8c.

Monday, Aug. 31: The 93 Victims of Samuel Little Part I at 9/8c.

Tuesday, Sept. 1: The 93 Victims of Samuel Little Part I at 9/8c.

Wednesday, Sept. 2: The Butcher Baker: Mind of a Monster at 9/8c

Thursday, Sept. 3: The Serial Killer Among Us: Phillip Jablonski at 9/8ct

Friday, Sept. 4: BTK: Chasing a Serial Killer at 9/8c