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Jun and Joshua are the newest members of Seventeen to test positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). On March 7, Pledis Entertainment published an announcement about Joshua and Jun’s recent health status. For the time being, Joshua and Jun will take a break from the K-pop group‘s planned “activities.”

A joined photo of Seventeen members Jun and Joshua
(L-R) Jun and Joshua of Seventeen | The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

Joshua and Jun of Seventeen tested positive for the coronavirus

Pledis Entertainment posted a statement about Joshua and Jun on Seventeen’s official Twitter account on March 7, though at the time of the announcement it was already March 8 in South Korea. The Twitter announcement let fans know that Joshua and Jun tested positive for the coronavirus.

In the statement, Pledis Entertainment also assured fans that the Seventeen members do not have symptoms, writing:

“We would like to provide you with some information on SEVENTEEN members JOSHUA and JUN being diagnosed with COVID-19 as well as adjustments in their activities.

JOSHUA took a self-test and was tested negative on Monday, March 7. However, he took a PCR test as a proactive measure and was confirmed with COVID-19 on the morning of Tuesday, March 8. JUN took a rapid antigen test as a proactive measure and was tested positive on Monday, March 7. He promptly took a PCR test and was confirmed with COVID-19 on the morning of Tuesday, March 8. JOSHUA and JUN are currently not exhibiting any symptoms and are administering self-treatment at home.”

Other members of Seventeen tested negative for the coronavirus

There are 13 members in Seventeen: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan, Jun, Hoshi, The8, and Dino.

In the announcement on Twitter, Pledis Entertainment shared that Mingyu, Jeonghan, Woozi, and Dino of Seventeen tested negative for the coronavirus.

“All SEVENTEEN members other than S.COUPS, HOSHI, WONWOO, THE 8, DK, SEUNGKWAN and VERNON all preemptively took self-test kits on Monday, the 7th, which all the results came back as negative and are not exhibiting any symptoms,” Pledis Entertainment wrote.


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Joshua and Jun will take a break from the band’s ‘activities’

To conclude the announcement about Joshua and Jun, Pledis Entertainment let fans know that the two Seventeen members will be absent from the K-pop group’s “activities for a while.”

The company wrote:

“Therefore, it would be difficult for JOSHUA and JUN to take part in SEVENTEEN’s activities for a while. We will provide you with updates on their activity resumption.

We will continue to provide support for the rapid recovery of JOSHUA and JUN, placing our highest priority on the health and safety of our artists. We will also continue to fully cooperate with the requests and guidelines of healthcare authorities.”

Seventeen was recently named on IFPI’s 2021 Global Album Sales Chart and 2021 Global Artist Chart for their success in 2021.