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Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big were meant to be together. At least, that’s how the writers of Sex and the City saw it. Many fans believed the pair belonged together from the moment they first laid eyes on each other. Even if they were predestined to end up together, they had to go through a ton of starts and stops to get there.  Mr. Big even married another woman at one point. While Big’s marriage to Natasha is a source of confusion for many fans, the union may have made a ton of sense, although the relationship was always meant to end.

Natasha was familiar with Mr. Big’s world

While some fans believe Natasha married into more money than she came from, several clues indicate Natasha was well acquainted with high society. In fact, it would appear as though Natasha was safely a part of Manhattan’s upper class before she ever met Mr. Big. The writers of Sex and the City didn’t spend a ton of time going into Natasha’s background, but they did drop a few clues that indicate she came from money.

Natasha and Big were married at Natasha’s parents’ home, and she spent a large portion of the summer at her parent’s house in the Hamptons. The Hamptons, a beachfront community on Long Island, is known for its rich and famous residents. The couple’s wedding announcement was a lengthy feature piece in The New York Times, not a simple blurb, indicating that both Big and Natasha were well-regarded in prominent social circles.

In short, Natasha, while much younger than Mr. Big, was someone who could easily integrate into Big’s world. She could integrate easily into that world because, at the end of the day, she came from it in the first place. Carrie never seemed completely comfortable with Mr. Big’s social circle.

Natasha was far less effort than Carrie

While Mr. Big eventually figured out that beige didn’t suit him, it seemed simple and easy, at first. Natasha was, for all intents and purposes, beige. She was beautiful but nondescript. She was poised and mild-mannered and seemed perfectly happy to go with the flow.  She was the antithesis of  Carrie, and that appealed to Mr. Big.  The List notes that Natasha was almost always dressed in white or light colors, indicating that she was tranquil and boring, compared to Carrie’s more colorful stylistic choices and fierce personality.

Carrie and Big often found themselves at odds because Carrie wanted more than Big could offer, emotionally. Big, while a successful businessman, wasn’t a great communicator, and seemed to tire of Carrie’s drama quickly. It’s possible that after Carrie’s big drama, Natasha’s seemingly detached personality felt refreshing.

Could the marriage have lasted without Carrie?

Big and Natasha’s marriage ended when she caught Carrie in her apartment after coming home from the beach. Natasha made it clear that she was aware Mr. Big was cheating on her. She seemed to know that Carrie was her husband’s mistress. So, one has to wonder, would their marriage have ended if Carrie hadn’t indulged Mr. Big’s advances?

While romantics would like to think that Big and Carrie’s connection was what drove the affair, it seems likely that Mr. Big was simply bored with his marriage after just a few months. Perhaps Big would have had an affair with someone else, or maybe the union would have dissolved for an entirely different reason. It seems pretty apparent that Mr. Big and Natasha likely would not have lived happily ever after.