‘Sexy Beasts’: Host Rob Delaney Makes the Wacky Dating Show Worthwhile

It’s certainly no secret that people dread blind dates. It’s hard enough to go out with someone you’re somewhat acquainted with for the first time–first dates can often be awkward encounters. However, going out with a person you don’t know at all? It’s usually a recipe for disaster. That brings us to Sexy Beasts and Rob Delaney.

Netflix has recently taken the dating scene to a new place. If you thought dating a stranger was awkward before, you’ll want to check out the new Netflix series, Sexy Beasts. The show puts its contestants in a bizarre situation, with the logic that it will help people look past appearances and focus on the things that matter. Host Rob Delaney puts a hilarious spin on the whole wacky premise.

‘Sexy Beasts’: Netflix takes blind dating to a whole new level

Rob Delaney at the AOL Build Speaker Series at AOL Studios in New York City discussing his role in the show 'Catastrophe'
Rob Delaney | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Remember that 1960s classic, The Dating Game? One poor schmuck who wanted to find someone perfect to date would sit behind a wall where they couldn’t see the three contestants competing for that date. They’d ask the contestants a series of questions to “get to know them,” and then choose one and hope for the best?

Well, Sexy Beasts is like The Dating Game on steroids. Scratch that. It’s like The Dating Game hopped up on some sort of hallucinogenic. There is still one person choosing from three contestants for a date, but those contestants aren’t just hiding behind a wall this time. They’re hiding inside an insane animal costume, hoping that they’ll be chosen for their outstanding personality and not for any shallow reason like looks.

Comedian Rob Delaney makes the show even more colorful than it already is

Rob Delaney was handed the daunting task of hosting Sexy Beasts. Although the show’s concept is sweet–trying to find true love by looking at what is inside a person rather than outside–the execution is just pretty darn ridiculous. So who better to host it than a seasoned comedian? 

As Men’s Health puts it, Delaney “does his best.” His snarky commentary and sarcastic humor are the bright spots of the series. According to a recent Reddit thread, some viewers have only tuned in because Delaney’s name is attached to the show–“If it were practically any other name attached to this than Rob Delaney, I’d nope the hell out of it and avoid any further news about this series.”

The general consensus seems to be that this show is a waste of time. Some Redditors are wondering what happened to the quality Netflix originals that they used to make, saying, “Man Netflix is going in the directions that I hate to see. What happened to the streaming service that offered such good originals?” However, others are giving the series a chance, looking forward to the laughs it might provide, saying, “I’m a non-furry and this sounds hysterical. I will definitely watch it, although it almost certainly won’t be for the reasons they want me to.”

Rob Delaney played a superhero in a Marvel film–kind of…

Rob Delaney is a talented comedian and the co-creator of the critically acclaimed series, Catastrophe. He also had Marvel fans cracking up over his performance in Deadpool 2. He played Peter W., the guy without any superpowers who thought he’d join the X-Force because the ad looked cool. Delaney also performs regularly as a stand-up comedian while appearing in numerous TV series and films. 

Delaney also had a small role in the Fast and Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw. He played Agent Loeb, and fans were excited to see him back in action with Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds. The pair brought witty banter to the action-packed film, and fans hope to see more of Delaney in any possible Hobbs & Shaw films in the future. 

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