‘Shameless’: 3 Hidden Details About Frank Everyone Missed

Showtime’s Shameless might be over, but that means there are still 11 seasons of Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) to binge-watch. Although his children generally hate him, viewers are torn. Many fans despise Frank because of the way he treated his kids. However, others think his scams and drunk antics are ridiculously funny. Whichever boat you fall into, there might be a few hidden details you missed about the Gallagher patriarch in 11 seasons of Shameless

Frank Gallagher on Shameless
William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in ‘Shameless’ | Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME

‘Shameless’: How many languages does Frank Gallagher speak?

Although Frank’s family and friends regard him as a useless and rambling drunk, he is exceptionally bright. Throughout the 11 season run of Shameless, Frank Gallagher spoke Spanish, Armenian, and Japanese. So, he is fluent in four different languages. However, he only uses them when it suits him — generally to get out of something or if it involves some scam.

Although the show does not explain how or why Frank learned so many languages, 

‘Shameless’: Frank Gallagher is brilliant and even attended college

Frank Gallagher not only finished high school but was accepted into college. He went to Northwestern for one semester and studied Psychology. Frank thought it was the best route to go to learn about his manipulative mother. However, he met his future wife Monica (Chloe Webb) and dropped out after one semester. 

The couple began having children, and that was the end of Frank’s formal education. He often compared himself to his son Lip (Jeremy Allen White), who achieved perfect scores on his SATs. 

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Although Frank Gallagher only attended one semester of college on Shameless, he’s very versed in matters of the law. In season 3, Frank called child protective services on his children. It led to a massive case that ended in the judge granting Fiona (Emmy Rossum) custody of her brothers and sisters. However, during the case, Frank demonstrated his knowledge of law terms and his rights. Although it didn’t work out in his favor, he shocked viewers with how much he knew about the law.

Frank is musically talented

During every season of Shameless, Frank Gallagher plays the piano at least one time. It’s not only a few notes, either. During Shameless Season 1 Episode 8, the rest of the family is shocked when he starts playing “I Will Survive.” His piano skills are extensive, and he believes playing the piano reminds him of his favorite lovers.

Not only does Frank play the piano, but he is also no stranger to the ukulele. In one Christmas carol sing-along, Frank gets things started by playing the ukulele. There’s no explanation for how the Gallagher family patriarch picked up these musical talents.

All 11 seasons of Shameless are available for streaming on Showtime to find more of Frank’s hidden talents. You can also binge-watch season 1 to 10 on Netflix. However, Shameless Season 11 won’t drop to the streaming giant until August 2021.