‘Shameless’: Cameron Monaghan’s ‘Most Memorable’ Night Involves ‘Skinny Dipping’ in a Town Full of Baboons

On Showtime’s Shameless, Cameron Monaghan had to do some off-the-wall things as Ian Gallagher. However, in the actor’s real life, he spent one “whirlwind” night in a town full of baboons.

'Shameless' actors Cameron Monaghan, Isidora Goreshter, and Shanola Hampton
‘Shameless’ actors Cameron Monaghan, Isidora Goreshter, and Shanola Hampton | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

‘Shameless’ star Cameron Monaghan’s favorite place to travel is Cape Town, South Africa

As an actor, Monaghan has traveled a lot in his 27 years of life. He began his career as a child model at three and became a child actor when he was seven. He starred in various films and TV Series that have taken him all over the world. However, the Shameless star’s favorite destination is Cape Town, South Africa. 

“I spent three months in Cape Town, South Africa,” Monaghan said in an interview with Black Chalk Magazine. “I think I have spent a total of nine months there. I shot a couple of movies there when I was younger, but most recently, I shot ‘The Giver’ there a couple of years ago. That was fantastic; I love the vibe of Cape Town. It is so similar, yet so foreign. It is almost like Los Angeles, but it is big.”

The reporter asked Monaghan if that was the city where baboons run wild and break into homes. The actor didn’t seem phased by the over 500 baboons in and around the city.

“Yes, they have baboons,” the actor replied. “They have amazing mountains, cultures, and things. But isn’t that amazing?”

Monaghan describes his most memorable night out

When the journalist asked Monaghan about his “craziest night out,” the actor talked about Cape Town again. 

“I met this family in Cape Town,” he began. “I had a traditional dinner with them, where they make — It is kinda a BBQ — but they wrap and bury the fish. That was really fun and amazing. They had two daughters that were around my age, and so we had a whirlwind night.”

Then he described how the girls took him to various “secret spots.” They climbed a mountain to look out over the city and then went to “Olympic pools.”

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“We snuck in and went swimming and skinny dipping there,” he added. “I mean, why not? We went to the beach. We went to all these places. I got to see a side of the city I had no idea existed. I love spontaneity and whirlwind nights that come out of nowhere, and you meet interesting people.”

‘Shameless’ isn’t over yet — season 11 details

Shameless is now airing its last and final season. However, Showtime chose to extend season 11 with some nostalgic recap episodes. Each Hall of Shame installment features a look at each character’s journey throughout the last 10 seasons.

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There are a few new scenes in the six episodes. Ian and Mickey’s Hall of Shame episode aired on Showtime on Jan. 3, 2021.