‘Shameless’: Emmy Rossum Once Revealed Which Gallagher She’d Want as a Real-Life Sibling

Just because Shameless ended its 11 season-run doesn’t mean fans can’t celebrate Fiona and the other Gallaghers.

Emmy Rossum invested nine years into her character, and viewers missed seeing her onscreen during the series finale. But she loved Fiona and the rest of her Shameless family. In fact, there was a moment when she reflected on which of her fake siblings she’d want to have around as a brother or sister in real life.

Emmy Rossum spoke about the Gallaghers in an old interview

One thing Emmy Rossum wanted to emphasize about the Gallaghers is that they liked to have fun. In a 2014 interview with the Los Angeles Times, she spoke about how the despite the fact the family lived in poverty, they found ways to enjoy life.

“Even though these people lived in a depressed economy, they’re not depressed. They’re party animals,” Rossum said. “They like to party; they want to have a good time.” She noted that although the characters messed up at times, they “had a will to succeed.”

When tackling the role of Fiona, she took on the mindset that Fiona was a real person. Rossum rooted for her and mentioned how she had to take the character to various lows and highs.

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Rossum dished on which Gallagher she’d want as a real-life sibling

During her chat with the L.A. Times, Rossum answered a few questions from fans, including a fun one about which of Fiona’s siblings she would like to have as her own in real life. She actually gave two answers, and one of them may be surprising.

“The person that I jibe with most is Jeremy Allen White — he plays Lip — and we are friends in real life, and I think he’s an amazing actor. I’m an only child, which is weird that I play Fiona ’cause I’ve always wanted a brother — I would pick him,” she said.

But Rossum tacked on another Gallagher who she’d love to have had as a sibling, and that’s Debbie.

“If it were the character then I would pick Debbie, because I don’t consider myself to be a very manipulative person, and she’s incredibly smart and manipulative and crafty. I think I could really use somebody like Debbie Gallagher in my corner,” Rossum added.

She also recalled when Emma Kenney experienced her first kiss while on the show, and she felt bad for her co-star. “To watch this actress who’s just growing up and has never had her first kiss in real life — to watch her have to do that on screen, is just …” said Rossum of the season 3 moment.

She shared that she gave Kenney advice and told her, “It doesn’t count. This is pretend.” Like a true sister, Rossum also advised her to punch the guy in the face if he got too handsy or disrespectful. The bond was real.

Rossum would’ve liked to try playing one other character

While fielding fan questions in her one-on-one interview, Rossum was also asked which Shameless character besides Fiona she would’ve liked to play. She named another fan favorite: Sheila Jackson.

Rossum praised Joan Cusack’s acting and said Sheila was one of the most interesting characters on the show. Between her agoraphobia and odd sexual fetishes, Sheila’s quirky behavior was intriguing to Rossum.