‘Shameless’ Episode 5: Liam Takes Charge in ‘Slaughter’ But What About the Aftermath?

Shameless finally returned with a new episode on Jan. 31, picking up where it left off. Ian and Mickey continued to bicker while working together, Carl watched his partner go too far again, Lip lost his genius chip, and Debbie had an issue with Sandy.

But the most surprising and satisfying moment of the episode happened courtesy of Liam. He indirectly handled the Milkovich problem — or so it seems.

Now, some fans are wondering how things will play out in this chaotic war between neighbors. For Liam, one of the viewers’ favorite Gallaghers, there are about four possible scenarios that may or may not be in his favor. We hope he wins.

[Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for Shameless Season 11, Episode 5 titled “Slaughter”]

Christian Isaiah
Christian Isaiah | Maury Phillips/Getty Images for GBK Productions

Fate 1: Nothing

In a scene that lined up poetically and conveniently, Liam fired a single shot into the air and when it dropped down, it landed in Terry Milkovich. The villain didn’t see it coming, and since it’s the South Side, it’s possible no one else did either.

Unless Liam speaks up, everyone could just assume Terry was hit by a stray bullet and there’s no investigation or retribution.

Further, there’s also a longshot that Terry is alive and a changed man. With that in mind, nothing will happen to Liam and he’ll just be a hero who doesn’t realize he’s one.

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Fate 2: Liam goes to juvie

Although he knows a bit about fending for himself, Liam is not built for juvenile detention. If anyone finds out what he did and calls the cops, he could be in trouble. Someone would need to put the gunshot puzzle pieces together.

However, if police get involved, Carl can always pull an illegal stunt at work to clean things up. But again, it’s the South Side and as Carl said, no one will care if a Milkovich gets shot.

Fate 3: Someone else takes the fall

Depending on whether Liam tells Carl or another sibling he’s connected to Terry’s downfall, it needs to be kept a secret. And that depends on him being the only witness. Should the Milkoviches learn Liam had anything to do with Terry’s “accident,” they’ll be out for him.

However, it’s possible Frank — who’s been on a redemptive streak — may take the blame for his son. There’s also potential for another Gallagher to stand up for Liam.

Fate 4: Death

By far the worst outcome of them all, death — or a close call with it — may be in the cards if the Milkoviches gun for Liam.

They’re white supremacists who have no qualms about killing, brutality, or going to prison, and given the social climate in the show (and the U.S.), this may become a scary storyline. Will Shameless go this far? If so, something tells us another family member will protect Liam.

Online, fans are expressing how proud they are of Liam and are rooting for the Milkovich clan to be defeated. The next episode of Shameless airs on Feb. 14, and there’s a huge chance that Terry lives to see another day.