‘Shameless Season 11’: Is it the End for the Gallaghers or Will Fans Get a Spinoff?

Showtime’s long-running series Shameless is ending with season 11. However, many fans want to know if anyone from the Gallagher family could continue in a spinoff. There are so many options that fans have suggested. Many common requests are for a spinoff featuring Gallavich — Mickey (Noel Fisher) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) or Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica Ball (Shanola Hampton). However, there are numerous other combinations to consider.

Shameless Season 11 stars William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White, Emma Kenney, producer John Wells and actor Emmy Rossum
Shameless Actors William H. Macy, Jeremy Allen White and Emma Kenney, writer/executive producer John Wells and actress Emmy Rossum | JB Lacroix/ WireImage

‘Shameless’ Season 11 is the last season for the Gallagher family

As disappointing as it is for fans, Shameless Season 11 is the last season for the Gallagher family. On Jan 13, 2020, Showtime’s co-president of entertainment, Gary Levine, announced that the show would run for only one more season, number 11. 

In an interview with Deadline, Levine explained that the show is still Showtime’s most popular series. However, they felt it was essential to give show creator John Wells the chance to let it come to a natural end while still on top.

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“Shameless has been such a great performer for us, and we just felt like 11 seasons is a big fat number,” Levine told Deadline. “John and his people refresh it each year, and it still gets a huge audience for us as well as for that streaming service that runs our reruns [Netflix]. We just felt it was time, and we also liked the idea of giving John and company a chance to end it well, to be able to aim for that landing.”

The cast of ‘Shameless’ is sad to say ‘Goodbye’

In the 14 months since the announcement that Shameless Season 11 would be the last, the cast and crew have posted countless tributes to the end of the series. All of the sentiments are heartfelt and show how close the cast and crew became in 10 years of making Shameless

Cameron Monaghan tweeted on the day of the last table read of Shameless Season 11.

“I think we’re all staggered by the immensity of the end of 11 years,” Monaghan wrote. [They] were some of the best of our lives (both personally and professionally.) Thankful and grateful can’t cover it.”

Both Shanola Hampton and William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher) live-tweet during Shameless’s new episode. This season they also answer questions like, “Will you and the cast stay in contact after filming is over?” 

“Absolutely, no doubt, for sure, yup, yep, no question, obviously!!” Hampton responded. 

Luckily they are committed to remaining close friends after the series ends.

Could Carl from ‘Shameless’ get a spinoff series? Or any other characters?

While fans suggest various combinations of the cast to continue in a Shameless spinoff series after season 11, there is one that at least the actors might consider.

“A spinoff with the younger Gallaghers would be interesting,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Most of the early seasons of Shameless focused only on the older siblings with the younger ones as comic relief. And it seems like the older siblings are kind of ready to move on. But the younger siblings still have stories to explore. 

However, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wells admitted that he has no desire to create a Shameless spinoff.

“We had lots of opportunities on ER, and I’ve been approached about revisiting ERThe West Wing, and Third Watch,” Wells began. “But no, I’ve never been a big fan of spinoffs. The moment we all decide we’ve done what we wanted to do on the show, we’ll walk the camera off down the street and give the impression that if you walk onto the right block in Chicago, you’d find the Gallaghers.”

It looks like it’s the end of the line for Shameless fans, aside from watching again from the beginning on Netflix.