‘Shameless’ Season 11: Major Death Has Many Fans Cheering

A decade-plus run of Shameless has shown viewers most characters’ true colors. Frank, Kev, Carl, Fiona, V, and everyone else — they’ve all changed in their own way but have certain traits at their core. It’s made it easy to empathize, despise, or shake one’s head at their behavior.

But it’s also made it easy to say good riddance to certain characters in this series whose track records reek of foulness. That was exemplified in the latest episode of Shameless with you-know-who’s death.

He’s gone. Canceled. Many fans are in disbelief, and many are wearing smiles of satisfaction at his demise for the reasons listed here.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Shameless Season 11, Episode 8, “Cancelled”]

'Shameless' cast season 11 promo photo
‘Shameless’ Season 11 promo photo | Courtesy Showtime/CBS/Viacom

Terry Milkovich was a rotten child abuser

Poor Mickey Milkovich. He’s one of Terry’s victims who has to contend with decades of childhood trauma and abuse. His eyes got a little glossy after learning the nun he hired to care for Terry killed him.

He began to feel some semblance of love for his father (and guilt) despite the pain he inflicted on him and his siblings.

Let’s not forget that Terry beat the brakes off Mickey when he found him having sex with Ian, and then had him forcibly raped by Svetlana. He held Ian at gunpoint and made him watch the whole ordeal.

Svetlana later had a baby and Mickey was pegged as the baby boy’s father. And that’s just sampling of what Terry did to the Milkovich kids.

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Terry sexually assaulted Mandy

Rather than group his abusive behavior toward all the Milkovich children together, Terry’s deplorable acts against Mandy must be highlighted on their own. He raped his daughter numerous times (it’s explained that he’s either or drunk or high) and even impregnated her.

Ian and Lip both wanted to help her get out that household and after leaving for Indiana, she ended up with an abusive boyfriend. She eventually moved on, but Mandy later became an escort.

Though the Milkoviches are criminally-minded, the kids (including Molly from way back) could not catch a break. The emotional and mental wounds run deep.

Terry tried to kill Mickey

Angry about the Gallavich wedding, Terry stepped up his homophobia by burning down the venue and trying to gun down his own son.

He and Mickey had a face-off with their guns back in season 10, and after the wedding went down with some help from the Gay Jesus posse, Terry orchestrated a drive-by.

At one point, Mickey referenced having no peace until Terry was gone for good. When Liam’s gunshot accidentally rendered Terry immobile this season, everyone’s fates changed.

His bigotry could only manifest through his words, and the rest of the family eventually abandoned him. Now, it’s all over at the hands of a zany nun and her plastic bag. Mickey is stunned and will likely deal with the aftermath in the coming weeks, but it’s over.

Did Terry Milkovich have it coming? Based on his history in this series, many think so. He not only terrorized his own family, but others in the neighborhood too (remember Kash the storekeeper?).

In the words of J.K. Rowling’s Dumbledore, “Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.” Mickey needs a hug.