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Music legends don’t always open up about their journeys in the business. But when they do, fans are often moved and surprised by the revelations their favorite artists share. The new Netflix documentary, Not Just a Girl, likely fits that bill for fans of country music superstar Shania Twain. And the singer herself recently revealed why it was so satisfying for her to share so much of herself.

Shania Twain became a hugely successful country-pop star

shania twain documentary
Shania Twain performs at the Calgary Stampede at Scotiabank Saddledome on July 10, 2014 in Calgary, Canada. | Melissa Renwick/Getty Images

In the 1990s, Twain became one of the biggest musical artists of the decade. Although her self-titled debut album became a platinum-selling success, it was her 1995 sophomore release, The Woman in Me, that laid the template for the phenomenon she was about to become. Hit singles like “Any Man of Mine” and “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” led the album to go Diamond, meaning it sold more than 10 million copies in the United States.

Her next two albums, Come On Over and Up!, likewise each went Diamond as Twain crossed over from country music and into the pop charts. “You’re Still the One,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” kept her reigning in the late 1990s. And “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” “Forever and for Always,” and “Party for Two” cemented her legacy ever further.

Shania Twain revealed why she made her new documentary now

After her split from ex-husband Mutt Lange and her diagnosis of Lyme disease, Twain disappeared from the spotlight for years. Ultimately, she released her album Now in 2017 and, more recently, told Access Daily why she thought now was the time to share her story in Not Just a Girl, which was released on Netflix in July 2022.

“I wrote a ton of music, and I started reflecting a lot on life, on myself, on my work. And it felt like the right time to get it all in one collective… and it felt really satisfying to get it all,” she shared. “It was such a huge labor of love to go through it all again. This is my rainy-day moment to go through my entire music career and pull it all together and share it with my fans.”

Shania Twain is wrapping up a Las Vegas residency in fall 2022


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Timed with the debut of her new documentary, Twain also released a companion album. Not Just a Girl (The Highlights) collects the greatest hits of her career. And it features a new track, titled simply “Not Just a Girl.” Of course, fans eager to see Twain perform her music live have had plenty of opportunities to do so in the past few years.

The singer did a Las Vegas residency from 2012 to 2014. And she returned with a new show in 2019 at the Zappos Theater. But now Twain’s approaching her final dates in that residency. So fans need to act fast to catch her live before it closes in September 2022. Twain has come a long way, and her ability to rebuild her life and career is admirable by any metric.