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Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone collaborated for the 1990 movie Total Recall. While on set, Stone and the Terminator star hit it off well enough.

But another party once told Stone that Schwarzenegger didn’t like her behind the scenes. It was a message Stone didn’t take kindly to for an unexpected reason.

Sharon Stone called Arnold Schwarzenegger a big baby when they first met

Sharon Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed up at an event.
Sharon Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger | Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

The 1990 movie Total Recall was a futuristic sci-fi movie made by director Paul Verhoeven, with the film teaming up actors Stone and Schwarzenegger. Stone initially turned down the movie because she wasn’t too keen on doing action films. But she would soon reconsider the proposal after learning that Verhoeven was attached to the project.

“I said, ‘I’ve done every stupid action movie I’m going to do. No, thank you.’ Then they told me that Paul Verhoeven was directing it and I said, ‘Oh, OK. I don’t need to go to the meeting. If they want me, I’ll do it.’ I had seen his films and thought they were terrific. Then I met him and I was completely enamored of him. I was cast and had a great time making it,” she once told Playboy.

She also had a good time with her co-star, who she described as a baby.

“He’s just a big, big baby. But he wants you to do the best you can do because he wants his team to win. It’s not an individual sport for Arnold,” she said. “Arnold is a movie star. I made fun of him right off the bat. We were doing rehearsals in a hotel room. Arnold was lying on the bed and Paul was on top of him, straddling him, caressing his hair, explaining to me how he thought the scene ought to go. I said, ‘I think I’ll leave you two guys alone. You’re so darn cute together!’ Arnold is unbelievably focused and available. He tries harder than most people I’ve worked with.'”

Sharon Stone was once told that Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t like her

In a 1992 printed edition of Movieline, Stone once opened up about her past reputation of being challenging behind the scenes. The Basic Instinct star acknowledged there might be some truth to the gossip. But she didn’t mind the rumors, as Stone wasn’t interested in being nice.

“I could do nice, but it’s just not as much fun. Being nice isn’t my biggest goal in life. I’m trying to be honest about who I am and that’s not always nice,” she said. “I’m not always the world’s cheerleader. On a movie, when an actress b****** about wardrobe, food, the director, the hours, the anything, it’s because we are insecure about our work. The more trained I get, the more secure I get in my work, the easier I am to get along with on the set.”

Stone would later give an example of how an undisclosed source told her Schwarzenegger had a negative opinion of her. This stuck with the actor, but it wasn’t because of Schwarzenegger’s alleged dislike of the star.

“Someone said one day, ‘You know, Arnold doesn’t like you,'” Stone recalled. “After thinking about that, I called this person and said, ‘Did anybody bother to wonder if I liked Arnold? Or does only his opinion count because he’s a big star?'”

Sharon Stone found it hilarious being able to kick Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Stone once revealed that she managed to leave a bruise on Schwarzenegger during a Total Recall fight sequence. But this was due to the hard work the Casino star put in to appear formidable against her co-star.

“If you’re not a dancer, it’s tough kicking someone in the face with your heel straight ahead. Even if I’m pretty limber, still. Also, it was Schwarzenegger. It’s daunting because you’re looking at this giant, muscular guy. You don’t want to look like, this fight is ridiculous. That she is actually pounding him. So I black-and-blued him, pretty much head to toe that day. It was hilarious,” she said in an interview with USA Today.