Shay Mitchell’s Greatest Beauty Discovery Is an Accessible Product

Model and actress Shay Mitchell might be a relative newcomer to the celebrity scene, but she’s already made some big waves in the industry. She is best known for her role in the TV series Pretty Little Liars and was one of the featured performers in the super-popular series You.

These days, she is starring in the web series Dollface, and concentrating on being a new mom. Recently, the actress sat down with Elle magazine to talk about her beauty routine and admitted to loving one particular product that is decidedly low-maintenance.  

How did Shay Mitchell get started in acting?

Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Mitchell was born in Canada in 1987. Although her parents were both working class, Mitchell found herself drawn to a career in entertainment, even as a small child.

When she was five, Mitchell’s parents enrolled her in dance lessons, and she began touring with dance companies around Canada. After a few years practicing dance, she was chosen to be a preteen model and embarked on the next phase of her career.

Mitchell enjoyed modeling opportunities all over the world, traveling to Bangkok and Barcelona before ultimately deciding to focus on acting instead. A few of her early television appearances include roles in Degrassi: The Next Generation, Rookie Blue, and Aaron Stone.

Mitchell got her big break in 2010 when she was cast in the TV show Pretty Little Liars. She appeared on the show as Emily Fields for seven years, until the series ended in 2017.

In the years since Pretty Little Liars went off the air, Mitchell has continued to act steadily. Although, these days, her attention is divided between her career and her young daughter

What are Shay Mitchell’s beauty picks?

Most new moms don’t have a lot of time for complicated beauty routines – especially working moms like Mitchell. Still, the star has found ways to feel put-together even with limited time.

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, Mitchell broke down her beauty routine. The actress revealed it typically takes her anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes to complete her makeup routine, depending on what type of look she is trying to accomplish. 

Mitchell’s favorite glam makeup products include Patrick Ta’s Silky Lip Crèmes and Cacharel Yes I Am perfume. She’s not above trying some pretty crazy tricks to get a natural glow, including hanging off the side of her bed or the nearest couch in order to get her blood flowing and to add a warm flush to her cheeks. While that might seem extreme for many people, Mitchell’s absolute favorite product is one that is easily available at any grocery or drugstore. 

What product is Shay Mitchell’s favorite?

In her interview with Elle, Mitchell admitted that out of everything in her beauty routine, she finds herself constantly reaching for coconut oil. In fact, she would classify the product as her “greatest beauty discovery” and stated that she uses it for everything.

“It’s good for moisturising skin, chapped lips, cuticles,” Mitchell raved. “I’m not tied to any brand, but I make sure it’s organic virgin oil.”

Coconut oil has long been used as a natural beauty product, as well as a cooking aid, and can be found in stores all over the country.

Although Mitchell loves the low-key benefits of coconut oil, she also likes indulgences such as spa treatments and admits that she loves getting regular facials. All in all, Mitchell seems to have a very well-balanced beauty routine that includes lots of simple tricks and treatments, as well as more luxurious treats.