Sherri Shepherd Fans Celebrate Her New Talk Show Taking Over ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

After filling in for Wendy Williams, Sherri Shepherd is getting her own talk show. It was confirmed that The Wendy Williams Show would end after 14 seasons. Shepherd had been guest hosting on the show as Wendy Williams took leave following her health struggles. With no hard date for Williams to come back, producers pitched a show with Shepherd, and Sherri was picked up for next fall. Now fans are congratulating The View alum on her new venture.

Sherri Shepherd wearing a striped shirt on the set of 'The View'
Sherri Shepherd | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

Fans cheer on Sherri Shepherd as she lands her own talk show

Wendy Williams’ health left The Wendy Williams Show without a host, delaying the premiere of the fall 2021 season multiple times. Producers opted to bring in guest hosts to fill in for Williams until her health allowed her to return. Unfortunately, Williams has not been able to fully recover and get back to work, and producers decided to pull the plug on her show.

However, due to Shepherd’s success in helming the daytime talk show, she was hired to star in her own show. It will take over the time slot currently occupied by The Wendy Williams Show in syndication.

After Shepherd announced landing her talk show, fans quickly weighed in on Instagram and celebrated the host on her new project, titled Sherri.

“I am so so so excited for you! You deserve this! Congratulations,” a fan said.

“Congratulations on the talk show! He may not come when you want him but he’s always right on time!” a follower mentioned.

“So excited for you! Congratulations, you deserve it and can’t wait to see it,” an Instagram user commented.

“I knew it! I knew an announcement was coming! I said it in the comment section on a previous post! I said it!! Congratulations Queen Sherri!!!!!!” another fan noted in response to news of Sherri Shepherd’s talk show.

“Well deserved….you have done an amazing job of filling in over the last few months,” another follower said.

“You deserve all your flowers, your spirit is beautiful. Hopefully, Jeffrey knows how cool his mom is Blessings!” another Instagram user added.

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Sherri Shepherd shares excitement about her new talk show

Shepherd announced that she was getting her talk show on The Wendy Williams Show. The host said that she had always dreamt of fronting her show and made sure to give props to Williams for her iconic show.

“I am so excited because when I started in this business, I had always wanted to do a talk show even before I joined The View in 2007, when I was like three, I had a microphone, and my teddy bears, and a chair, and I just came out of my mother’s womb talking,” Shepherd said to the audience.

The Friends alum said that she had previously shot a talk show pilot that never made it to air. Four years ago, she started manifesting she wanted a talk show.

“I do wanna say there have been all of these crazy stories online about my replacing Wendy, and I am here to tell you that that is not true,” she continued. “No one can replace the queen, nobody. And trust me, I am not trying to at all. It is Wendy’s place to share her story with you, but I do want to give the queen her props. Wendy had a legendary career in radio, and this show was specifically crafted for her. No one can do this format but Wendy.”

Shepherd added that she was excited for people to join her journey on her new talk show, explaining that Sherri would look different.

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