Sheryl Crow’s Career Before Entertainment Was Noble, But a Far Cry From Her Celeb Status

Sheryl Crow is a beloved star, an artist who has worked hard during the course of her career to release songs that are full of emotional depth. Crow first entered the entertainment industry in the ’80s, singing backup for artists such as Michael Jackson, and by the mid-’90s, she was a star in her own right. Still, Crow’s roots are planted firmly in the working class, and for several years, Crow worked as a teacher in her home state of Missouri. 

Sheryl Crow’s parents worked as teachers

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Crow was born in 1962. Raised in the small farming town of Kennett, Missouri, Crow’s mother worked as a piano teacher while her father was a practicing lawyer and taught trumpet lessons in his spare time. From her parents, Crow learned the value of sharing knowledge with others, and she determined to eventually follow in their footsteps.

A successful athlete in high school, Crow went on to attend the University of Missouri, studying music performance, composition, and education. After her graduation from the University of Missouri, Crow settled in Fenton, Missouri, where she accepted a job as a music teacher at Kellison Elementary School.

During the day, Crow taught the young students at school, and in the evenings and on weekends, she sang with local bands. Eventually, Crow decided to break away and pursue a career in music — and by the mid-’90s, after years of singing backup for big-name artists like Don Henley, Crow made it big. 

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In 1994, Crow rose to worldwide prominence with the release of her song “All I Wanna Do.” The lighthearted pop jingle struck a chord with fans of all ages, with Crow’s effervescent voice in full force.

Over the years that followed, Crow released a string of other hits, including “Strong Enough,” “If It Makes You Happy,” “Everyday is a Winding Road,” and “Picture.” 

Crow has sold millions of albums throughout the course of her career and has won nine Grammy Awards. She has also worked as an actress, appearing in television shows like 30 Rock, Cougar Town, One Tree Hill, and NCIS: New Orleans.

All in all, Crow has shown that she has the talent and tenacity to do anything that interests her — but she has never forgotten where she came from. 

Sheryl Crow has never forgotten her teacher roots

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Although Crow is a major superstar, at heart, she is still a small-town girl from Missouri.

In 2016, Crow made a point to show some love to teachers from her hometown high school in Kennett, Missouri. According to, Crow made a special appearance at a Valentine’s Day event in order to shout out the local teachers.

Crow made a touching speech, saying “I want everybody to give a big round of applause for your teachers. They spend their own money in making sure you have what you need in the classroom.”

Crow presented some checks to the teachers at the school so that they could better equip their classrooms with school supplies. During her visit, Crow reminisced about her days as a teacher: “When I got out of school, I went into teaching. I loved it, but I had this burning desire to get my music heard.” Clearly, Crow has made a difference in more ways than one.