‘Siesta Key’: Camilla Cattaneo Verified She’s Not Taking Brandon Gomes Back After He Cheated and Had a Baby With Another Woman

Season 3 of Siesta Key is over, and the virtual reunion let some serious skeletons out of the closet. Brandon Gomes told viewers that he cheated on girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo and now has a child with the woman he cheated with. And both Gomes and Cattaneo seemed devastated with the news.

Now, Cattaneo is speaking out about the incident. And it seems she might consider giving Gomes one last chance as her friend but never again as her boyfriend.

The ‘Siesta Key’ reunion revealed Brandon Gomes cheated on Camilla Cattaneo and has a child now

Brandon Gomes from 'Siesta Key'
Brandon Gomes from ‘Siesta Key’ | MTV

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There were plenty of shockers during the Siesta Key reunion, but few shook viewers as much as Gomes’ admission. Gomes explained that 10 months prior to the reunion, he cheated on Cattaneo, and he just learned that the woman became pregnant. Now, Gomes has a child — and he’s just learning how to step up and take ownership of his mistakes now.

“Ten months ago, I hooked up with this girl, and she told me recently that I have a kid with her,” Gomes explained, according to MTV.

Cattaneo then noted she didn’t think the hookup was a one-time mistake, either. “You were with her for five months while we were dating, literally coming back to me,” Cattaneo noted. “You literally couldn’t tell me the truth; I had to find out from her. You’re a pathetic person.”

However, Gomes denied that he’d been seeing this mystery woman for any length of time. But Cattaneo continued on with the accusations. She noted that Gomes actually knew about the pregnancy the entire time, but he chose to head out to California to pursue his music career and block the number of the mother of his child.

Now, he hopes to rectify the situation, as he noted he’s stepping up and righting his wrongs.

Cattaneo explained her reaction to finding out the news

When Cattaneo found out about the baby, she was shocked by the news. She talked to The Gay & The Girl podcast about her experience.

“I was in the pool, and I go to my phone, and I see five missed calls. I’m like, ‘what the heck?’ Brandon never double calls like that,” Cattaneo explained. “So, already calling, I was nervous. And that bomb was dropped. I just went on the floor, I had a panic attack.”

Cattaneo then noted that she direct messaged the mother of Gomes’ child to get more information. “At first I was kind of rude,” Cattaneo admits, “and then I was like, why am I doing that? … She kind of just was brief. It’s a weird situation. I don’t want to say anything about the girl. It’s just like, it was weird.” And she added that while she said Gomes’ relationship with this woman lasted five months, she now thinks it was just a “quick booty call.”

Cattaneo told her Instagram followers she’s not taking Gomes back

So, where do Cattaneo and Gomes stand now? It looks like Cattaneo is focusing on herself now — but she did hint that it might be possible to fix everything that’s occurred. “He’s been leaving stuff on my car, sending stuff to my house,” she continued to the podcast. “He’s trying to show me that he’s going to be a better man.”

“I’m trying to start a new business,” Cattaneo continued after noting her primary focus is herself right now. And she added that she’s getting a ton of direct messages from fans who’ve been in similar situations. “All of the outcomes are different,” she continued. “It’s such a big eye-opener for me to see that some people made it through this.”

While it looks like there could be an eventual reconciliation between Gomes and Cattaneo, fans shouldn’t expect anything romantic to happen. A fan commented on her Instagram post that she shouldn’t consider taking Gomes back, and Cattaneo verified a relationship definitely won’t happen.

“Reconciliation means ‘friendly relations’ not taking him back lol,” Cattaneo wrote.

We’re hoping both Cattaneo and Gomes find peace as they move forward.

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