‘Siesta Key’: Fans Think Juliette Porter Might Be Relying on Boyfriend Sam Logan’s Money

We’ve been keeping up with MTV’s Siesta Key for years, and we’re happy Juliette Porter is finally moving on from Alex Kompothecras. Kompothecras and Porter were on and off for years, and while Porter thought they still had a chance of being together in season 3, her fantasies were derailed by his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Now, Porter’s moved on with his friend, Sam Logan. And Logan’s known for being one of the richest young people on the show.

Fans think Porter might be relying a little too much on Logan’s money, though. Here’s what they’re talking about.

Juliette Porter is dating Alex Kompothecras’ friend, Sam Logan

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Porter and Kompothecras were absolutely not over each other in season 3 of Siesta Key. While Porter attempted to move on with Bachelorette star Robby Hayes, Kompothecras started dating his childhood friend, Alyssa Salerno. Unfortunately, Kompothecras cheated on Salerno with Porter while on a trip to Nashville — but Salerno stayed with him and got pregnant afterward. That seemed to be all the closure Porter needed to move on with Logan.

It seems Kompothecras isn’t happy that Porter moved on with Logan, either. “He didn’t really obviously like that Sam was dating me,” Life & Style reports Porter said, according to Heavy. “Sam felt really guilty, but we’ve kind of moved on from that. Alex said horrible things to Sam, did horrible things to Sam. So Sam really just doesn’t care at all.”

While the relationship initially hit some speed bumps with Kompothecras, Porter and Logan seem to still be going strong. “He treats me amazing,” Porter told Life & Style. “I’m happy with him. I trust him. He gives me a feeling that I never felt with Alex.”

Logan has even more money than Kompothecras

Kompothecras is known for his wealth, but so is Logan. According to what viewers saw on the show, Logan has even more money than Kompothecras. Porter and friends even joked that Kompothecras would take issue with Porter dating Logan primarily because he’s the one other guy in the area with more wealth.

So, how did Logan’s family attain their wealth? According to Reality Titbit, Logan’s mother is partly an owner of Scripps Networks. Scripps owned cable channels like HGTV, Food Network, and the Travel Channel and was sold to Discovery back in 2018 for $14.6 billion. As for Logan himself, he reportedly owns 10% of the E.W. Scripps Co. which owns the Scripps Networks. And the company earned over $1 billion in revenue in 2019 alone, proving that Logan isn’t hurting for cash one bit.

‘Siesta Key’ fans think Porter might be relying too much on Logan’s money

All of the Siesta Key stars appear to be very well-off, and that includes Porter. Even so, it’s clear Logan is much wealthier than she is. And fans are worried that she might be relying a little too much on his money and not enough on creating her own identity outside of reality TV.

“I’m sure Sam pays for her stuff when they travel together but last time I checked they aren’t married and there’s always the possibility that they might not end up together,” a Reddit user warned.

Another pointed out that they think Porter might be wanting to marry into money instead of working for her own career path. “Ik Sam is way better for her but It’s just weird she only shows interest in guys who have money,” they wrote. “Like the girl has a college degree but isn’t even using it so what was the point of college? To party?”

“I love Juliette and Sam together, but she needs to think about her work,” another recommended.

We’ll have to wait and see how Porter and Logan’s relationship plays out on Siesta Key — and we’re hoping she follows her dreams whether they include Logan or not!

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