‘Siesta Key’: Juliette Porter and Sam Logan Recently Sparked Engagement Rumors on Instagram

Season 3 of Siesta Key is already full of drama, and most of it centers around Juliette Porter. Porter has a history with Alex Kompothecras, though it seems she’s finally trying to move on from her ex with someone new. And she’s seriously starting to fall for Sam Logan.

It looks like Logan and Juliette are going strong, but are they headed toward an engagement? Logan posted a photo that sparked rumors. Here’s what happened.

Juliette Porter started seeing Sam Logan in season 3 of ‘Siesta Key’

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Porter and Kompothecras have a long history. While they were on and off for years, Porter made the first move in dating others when she started getting together with Robby Hayes. Hayes and Porter didn’t work out, of course. And Kompothecras started seeing his childhood friend and Porter’s hairdresser, Alyssa Salerno. Though Kompothecras cheated on Salerno with Porter when Porter was briefly single, the couple’s still together.

Once Porter found out Kompothecras and Salerno were expecting a baby, she moved on with Logan. She noted on season 3 that she’s known Logan for quite some time, but romantic feelings just started to emerge.

“We have a solid group of friends and he treats me amazing, Porter told Life & Style about Logan. “I’m happy with him. I trust him. He gives me a feeling that I never felt with Alex. And that’s like someone that actually is not going to hurt me. That sort of feeling … Sam is the sweetest ever. He’s so sweet. He’s so kind. And he’s funny.”

Alex Kompothecras isn’t pleased Porter and Logan are an item

The cast of MTV's 'Siesta Key'
The cast of MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ | MTV

While Kompothecras has fully moved on with Salerno, it seems he’s still upset that Porter moved on as well. On season 3 of the show, we saw Kompothecras attack Hayes when he was with Porter.

“He would send text messages and threats,” Hayes told Us Weekly regarding Kompothecras, according to The Reality TV. “I got text messages from three friends that aren’t even on the show saying I’m sorry bro I can’t hang out with you, Alex said no.”

While Hayes and Porter are no longer seeing each other, it’s Logan’s turn to feel Kompothecras’ wrath. Porter told Life & Style that Kompothecras has treated Logan horribly since he started seeing her.

“Alex and him were sort of friends, and he didn’t really obviously like that Sam was dating me,” Juliette explained. “So that was a huge thing. Sam felt really guilty, but we’ve kind of moved on from that. Alex said horrible things to Sam, did horrible things to Sam. So Sam really just doesn’t care at all.”

Logan sparked engagement rumors on Instagram

It looks like any drama with Kompothecras is behind Logan and Porter. And the two even sparked engagement rumors. On July 24, Logan posted a photo of him and Porter kissing. “My fiancée,” he initially captioned the post, according to Us Weekly.

Kelsey Owens also commented, “Finally, I thought you were never gonna get around to it,” along with a diamond ring emoji.

So, could this mean Logan and Porter really are ready to tie the knot? Apparently, it was all just a joke. A source told Us Weekly that the couple was just kidding around. And Logan later changed his caption to, “Sorry about the other caption I didn’t make it.”

Fans were quick to comment on the caption change as well. According to one fan, Logan changed the caption to “lover” before it was changed back to “fiancée” and then finally to what it is now.

“That caption changed quick. Lol. Congratulations y’all if the first caption was true,” the fan commented.

We’re not sure where Logan and Porter’s relationship is headed, but we’re happy they seem to have found joy together thus far.

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