‘Siesta Key’: Juliette Porter Confirms Alex Kompothecras Said ‘Horrible Things’ to Her Boyfriend, Sam Logan

MTV’s Siesta Key is bringing the drama for summer 2020, and all eyes are on Juliette Porter. Porter had quite a past with Alex Kompothecras, as the two were on and off for years. While Kompothecras cheated on his girlfriend, Alyssa Salerno, with Porter during season 3 of the show, they’ve all moved on now. And Porter is dating Kompothecras’ friend, Sam Logan.

Kompothecras isn’t happy Porter and Logan are dating, though. According to Porter, he’s sent Logan some nasty messages.

Alex Kompothecras attacked Juliette Porter’s first boyfriend after him, Robby Hayes

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Porter was the first to move on after dating Kompothecras — and while Kompothecras tried to play it cool, it was clear he was affected. Not only was he upset that Porter started dating again, but he was even more displeased when he heard Porter was seeing Robby Hayes.

According to The Reality TV, Hayes and Kompothecras grew up in the same area, and they spent a good amount of time together growing up. But all bets were off when Porter and Hayes started seeing each other. Siesta Key viewers saw Kompothecras physically taunt Hayes a few times in season 3.

“I knew before coming in that he’d be hard to deal with,” Hayes told Us Weekly about Kompothecras, according to The Reality TV. “He would send text messages and threats. I got text messages from three friends that aren’t even on the show saying I’m sorry bro I can’t hang out with you, Alex said no.”

Hayes and Porter broke up just a few months into their relationship, and shortly after, Kompothecras made it known he wasn’t over Porter, too.

Kompothecras also has a history with Sam Logan

Not only did Kompothecras know Hayes, but he also knows Sam Logan, Porter’s current boyfriend. And it’s clear Kompothecras wasn’t OK with Logan seeing Porter. While Kompothecras is no longer featured on Siesta Key due to past racist remarks, it’s clear there’s tension between him and Logan on the show.

A clip from season 3 shows Porter and Logan talking about Kompothecras and Salerno’s gender reveal party. According to Logan, he was invited to the party, but he wasn’t so sure about attending.

“Alex has been texting me, like, a little shaken I’ve been kicking with Juliette,” Logan explained in the clip. “He doesn’t want me to be hanging around her and stuff.” Porter then asked Logan if he’s picking her side at the end of the day, and he replied, “Oh, for sure.”

Porter confirmed Kompothecras has gone after Logan as well

Siesta Key briefly glossed over some texts Logan received from Kompothecras regarding the Porter dating situation — and none of them were nice. And Porter has definitely confirmed that Logan was getting a lot of attitude from Kompothecras for his choices.

“Alex and him were sort of friends, and he didn’t really obviously like that Sam was dating me,” Porter told Life & Style. “So that was a huge thing. Sam felt really guilty, but we’ve kind of moved on from that. Alex said horrible things to Sam, did horrible things to Sam. So Sam really just doesn’t care at all.”

Porter then went on to say that Logan is a much better boyfriend than Kompothecras ever was, so she’s keeping him around. “I’m happy with him. I trust him. He gives me a feeling that I never felt with Alex,” she continued. “And that’s like someone that actually is not going to hurt me. That sort of feeling … Sam is the sweetest ever. He’s so sweet. He’s so kind. And he’s funny.”

We’re happy Porter and Logan are still going strong — and it seems Logan and Kompothecras are probably no longer friends. Perhaps they’ll mend fences one day, but not anytime soon.

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