‘Siesta Key’: Juliette Porter Suggests Alyssa Salerno Purposely Got Pregnant After Alex Kompothecras Cheated

Those who’ve watched Siesta Key are quite familiar with Juliette Porter and Alex Kompothecras’ saga. Porter and Kompothecras were on and off for years before finally calling it quits — and in season 3, they both admitted they still loved each other.

While Kompothecras still had feelings for Porter, he started dating Alyssa Salerno. And Salerno got pregnant shortly after finding out Kompothecras cheated on her with Porter while on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. According to Porter, Salerno may have gotten pregnant on purpose to keep Kompothecras around. Here’s what she suggested.

Alex Kompothecras cheated on Alyssa Salerno with Juliette Porter

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Porter and Kompothecras may always have feelings for each other, but they both appeared to try to move on in season 3 of Siesta Key. Unfortunately, old feelings came back fast while Kompothecras and Porter were with their friends on a trip to Nashville.

Porter caught wind that Kompothecras was just venturing out without Salerno so he could try and get back together with Porter. And Porter later admitted to her friends, and to Salerno, that she and Kompothecras hooked up several times while on the trip.

Salerno and Porter haven’t had a good relationship since Salerno started dating Kompothecras. “She’s, like, my polar opposite,” Porter told Us Weekly about Salerno. “He started dating her because he was jealous. The first time I saw them together I could just tell he was just like, ‘Oh, and Alyssa does this and Alyssa does that.’ I’m like, ‘That’s so awesome. Congratulations.’ But it went downhill from there and yeah, they’re still together and good for them.”

Salerno and Kompothecras had a baby

Salerno didn’t believe Porter when she first called her about the cheating. But it seems she discovered the truth later on and briefly broke it off with Kompothecras. However, shortly after the breakup, Kompothecras and Salerno reconciled. And it wasn’t long before Salerno announced she was pregnant.

Now, Salerno and Kompothecras have a baby girl — but the entire process was difficult for Porter to deal with. “I mean, everyone can think I am very petty for saying this but this is actually reality; he basically knocked up his rebound and I think it was too soon for me because he basically got another girl pregnant the same year we broke up … which is a fact,” Porter explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Despite past tensions, Porter also mentioned that she hopes Kompothecras takes on his share of the responsibilities and steps up to the plate with fatherhood.

“He has no choice and I mean, and, he’s not gonna say he was ready to have a child,” Porter noted. “Like that’s just not true but I hope he’s accepting the situation he’s in and going to give it everything he has.”

Porter suggests Salerno got pregnant after she found out about the cheating

The cast of MTV's 'Siesta Key'
The cast of MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

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It seems Porter believes Salerno purposely got pregnant. When she learned about the pregnancy on Siesta Key, she told her friends, “You’re 15, it’s a little different ’cause you’re stupid. You’re 25 and you get pregnant, you’re planning it.”

Porter seems to stand by this stance even now. She spoke to the Chicks in the Office podcast on June 25, 2020, about the situation as well.

“A baby takes nine months, right?” Porter started. “So, if you think about her due date, and then you just subtract however many days, nine months, she got pregnant several days after the gala. So, that’s when she was pregnant. She was not pregnant when I hooked up with Alex in Nashville.”

We’re glad Porter seems to be moving forward from Kompothecras after all these years. And we’re hoping they can all find peace and happiness going forward!

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