Singer Jaguar Wright Claims The Roots Helped R. Kelly Recruit Underage Girls

Jaguar Wright is making more shocking claims about men in the music industry. Just a day after alleging rapper Common sexually assaulted her, she alleges that members of popular hip hop group The Roots were complicit in some of R. Kelly’s alleged sex crimes. Kelly is current awaiting trial for sex trafficking.

Jaguar Wright and The Roots
Jaguar Wright and The Roots 2003 | Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

A recap of Jaguar Wright’s allegations against Common

Wright has been opening up about the sexual misconduct she says she experienced and witnessed during her career. In a lengthy Instagram video, Wright blasts Common for allegedly sexually assaulting her one evening after a concert. 

She says Common tried to be intimate with her but she declined. 

“God damn Common. Next thing I know, we go to bed and he’s like, ‘C’mon Jag.’ I’m like ‘No, no, no. I’m tired n***a,” she says.

Jaguar Wright
Jaguar Wright | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

As a survivor of rape, Wright claims she proceeded with caution but woke up the following morning to find Common forcing himself onto her. 

“The next thing I know I’m waking up in the morning and I feel something poking in my face and s**t,” she said. “I open my mouth and this n***a tried to stick his d**k in my mouth while I’m asleep,” she says. “That’s why I stopped f**king with him, because n***a if you gonna try to stick your d**k in my mouth while I’m asleep, there ain’t nothing you won’t do.”

Jaguar Wright says The Roots assisted R. Kelly’s sex crimes

Wright’s career blossomed while performing and touring with The Roots. She continues performing but primarily tours internationally. It’s unclear when she stopped working and speaking with certain members of the group but according to a new video, she’s been estranged from them for some time.

While speaking about her time with the group, she says they helped Kelly recruit underage girls for his sexual pleasure.

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“Look at R. Kelly, The Roots was around when that n*** was sending his driver around to go get girls from what was the middle school—They brought ’em to the studio. They brought ’em to Larry Gold’s studio and I was told to mind my f****** business if I wanted to keep my career.  A member of The Roots told me that, ‘That ain’t none of your business. That man makes people millionaires,’” she claims.

Wright says she feels horrible for not speaking up at the time, especially because she says she also experienced sexual abuse. 

“You know how responsible I feel for the women I let get hurt because I didn’t say nothing,”she says.

R. Kelly is currently awaiting trial

Kelly remains in an Illinois prison awaiting trials in Illinois, New York, and Minnesota. The disgraced singer is facing a number of charges related to sex trafficking of underage girls, as well as abuse of others.

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Kelly denies all charges against him. He recently requested early release while awaiting trial, which a judge denied on three separate occasions. Kelly’s former live-in girlfriend Azriel Clary is said to be cooperating with prosecutors in his cases.