‘Single’s Inferno’: Cha Hyun-seung Looks for a Breathtaking Smile and More in a Partner

While the contestants of Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno may not have found love on the deserted island, they do know what they look for in a partner. Dancer Cha Hyun-seung joined the dating reality show later than the initial contestants. His handsome looks and charisma immediately charmed audiences and the other participants. Having gained fame after Single’s Inferno, Hyun-seung reveals what attracts him to a woman.

Cha Hyun-seung from 'Single's Inferno' for 'The Star' wearing dark blue suit and shirt.
Cha Hyun-seung from ‘Single’s Inferno’ | via The Star

Cha Hyun-seung comes clean about what happened on ‘Single’s Inferno’

Hyun-seung was a major curveball when he arrived on Single’s Inferno in episode 5. Most of the couples were already established, but his introduction caused a love triangle between him, Kim Hyeon-joong, and Song Ji-a. To amp up the intrigue, it was also revealed that the three contestants knew each other outside of the show.

While Ji-a chose someone else to leave Inferno, fans felt he had a spark with An Yea-won. After Single’s Inferno finished airing on Netflix, Yea-won and Hyun-seung addressed fans’ inquiries of what happened between them. He told Kang So-yeon that Yea-won was charming and had a beautiful smile on the show.

But the two never developed into something more on the show. In the Q&A video with Yea-won, he admitted he regrets not sticking to Yea-won. It seems that Yea-won embodied many of the characteristics that Hyun-seung finds attractive in a partner.

‘Single’s Inferno’ Cha Hyun-seung says his cool demeanor is his biggest charm

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While on Single’s Inferno, fans got an idea of the type of partner Hyun-seung looks for. Despite staying close to Ji-a out of comfort and familiarity, Yea-won had many characteristics the dancer finds swoon-worthy. According to Soompi, Hyun-seung revealed his ideal type in an interview with The Star.

“Someone who has a pretty smile. Completely separate from their facial features, there are people who can make you feel happy just by looking at their smile,” said the dancer. There is no denying that Hyun-seung has his own breathtaking smile that fans adore.

But he explains there is another trait he greatly values in a partner. “My No. 1 priority is that our personalities match well and that we’re on the same wavelength,” he said. Hyun-seung also looks for a love interest who can take care of themselves. He does admit he has his own charm when attracting the opposite gender.

His biggest charm? “I think I have pretty good proportions,” he explains. But he is honest and says he is a cool and down-to-earth person, and people with a calm demeanor will gravitate toward him.

The popular dancer wants to venture into acting

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Since appearing on Single’s Inferno, Hyun-seung and the main cast have become overnight celebrities. In his interview with The Star, he says he has been busy and has not “had a chance to feel my popularity or let it sink in.” For fans who follow him on Instagram, he recently appeared in an issue of Men’s Health Korea alongside Hyeon-joong.

He continues to be busy as a dancer, working with idols like Sunmi and appearing alongside other dancers in choreography videos. Hyun-seung recently revealed what he has planned for the future. After being a dancer for over ten years, he is ready to venture into a new career as an actor.

“When you dance, your ability to express emotions definitely improves, so I want to try acting,” said Hyun-seung. “Without anyone knowing, I’ve been steadily practicing on my own.” One day, fans will see the dancer star in his own K-drama and maybe become a new rising actor.