‘Single’s Inferno’: Fans Are Convinced Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon Are Dating, Based on These Clues

With Netflix approving Single’s Inferno Season 2, fans are even more curious about the first season’s contestants and where they are now. Putting aside all the drama that took place during and after the show, fans hooked on to the possible relationships. In particular, the romance that started between Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-yeon on Single’s Inferno. While the two have never admitted to dating, fans are somewhat convinced they might be in love.

Shin Ji-yeon and Moon Se-hoon from 'Single's Inferno' outside.
Shin Ji-yeon and Moon Se-hoon from ‘Single’s Inferno’ | via Netflix

Moon Se-hoon has always spoken fondly of Shin Ji-yeon after ‘Single’s Inferno’

During his time on the show, Se-hoon received some backlash for his supposed “obsessive” behavior to win over Ji-yeon on Single’s Inferno. By the finale, she reciprocated his feelings, and fans changed their tune and rooted for the couple. They even left Inferno together. But Se-hoon and Ji-yeon have never made public that they are dating.

In an interview with Gomong, fans started to believe that Se-hoon inadvertently revealed they are a couple. Not only did he praise Ji-yeon to no end, but also hinted that his future children would see their mother on screen.

Se-hoon and the other male contestants were interviewed by ch117. He once again might have spilled the beans. When asked to choose between love and money, Se-hoon chose money. His reasoning was that having money would help provide for the person he loves and give them security. Se-hoon also said a person needs love to move forward.

The eye-opening part came when Se-hoon was asked if he was currently in love. Oh Jin-taek answered, “He said he is,” as Moon bashfully bows his head and laughs. Jin-taek was making a comical assumption based on Se-hoon’s previous answer about love.

Shin Ji-yeon and Moon Se-hoon are appearing together in more collab videos

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Since the global fame of the contestants, many have opened their own Youtube channels. Ji-yeon and Se-hoon have as well. While they have not admitted to dating, fans cannot help but feel like they are. The two have filmed hangouts and outings together for their channels.

On Se-hoon’s Youtube channel, he filmed his daily routine and picked up Ji-yeon to have coffee. Their time together takes up a majority of the video. Fans noticed the two looked smitten with each other, comfortable, and even flirty. Ji-yeon also reunited with Moon on her Youtube channel at his restaurant.

Se-hoon and Ji-yeon talked about their time on Single’s Inferno, their MBTIs, and more. Fans can agree the two looked smitten, and Se-hoon was not afraid of making his feelings known. “I’m the one who fell in love with Ji Yeon on ‘Single’s Inferno,” said Se-hoon. Ji-yeon immediately got shy.

According to NME, Se-hoon explained his relationship with Ji-yeon. He explains, “I will say we are on good terms, I can say up to this extent. This is completely my thinking […] for now, it’s not the kind of relationship that I can exactly define yet.” But for fans, their fondness toward each other borders a relationship.

Is Netflix’s new promo for ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 a clue?

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Netflix announced via their official Korean Twitter that they had greenlit a Single’s Inferno Season 2. Not many details have been revealed of any changes to the show. They confirmed the return of the original producers and creators who previously teased the small changes they would make.

For now, Netflix re-released the original promo from the first season to announce the new installment. On April 13, Netflix released a new video fueled Se-hoon and Ji-yeon’s dating rumors. The promo video is comprised of their time on the island on Single’s Inferno.

To some fans, it is a bit peculiar to dedicate an entire promo video to Se-hoon and Ji-yeon. Could it mean that the show was successful in helping form a real-life couple?

One fan commented on the video saying, “It all started with them being the most complicated couple in the show like the least couple you’ll expect to be together from being to the real couple until now and the most successful in love out of all the participants. Stay strong sehoon and jiyeon.” It is up to Ji-yeon and Se-hoon to reveal their dating status officially.

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