‘Single’s Inferno’: Kang So-yeon and Cha Hyun-seung Reveal They Used to Know Each Other During Her Idol Days

More and more behind-the-scenes information about Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno is becoming public. After the South Korean dating show’s finale, the cast took it upon themselves to post Q&A videos answering fan questions about what really happened on the deserted island. Single’s Inferno contestants Kang So-yeon and Cha Hyun-seung dropped a bombshell and revealed they knew each other years before the show.

Cha Hyun-seung and Kang So-yeon from 'Single's Inferno' wearing striped shirt and black dress.
Cha Hyun-seung and Kang So-yeon from ‘Single’s Inferno’ | via Netflix

‘Single’s Inferno’ Kang So-yeon and Cha Hyun-seung teamed up for a Youtube video

Hyun-seung has appeared in collab videos with many of his co-stars since the show ended. His first collaboration was with An Yea-won, where they discussed why they did not develop a relationship during their time on the island. The Youtube video had many juicy details and ultimately revealed Hyun-seung regrets not choosing Yea-won.

On Feb.1, So-yeon posted the first half of her collab video with the K-Pop dancer on her channel, 소연에반하다. The video became an in-depth discussion of their time together on the show. The two contestants explained they both enjoyed discussing water sports on the island.

So-yeon and Hyun-seung delved into the one scene before the finale that surprised even the writers of Single’s Inferno. Becoming friends on the island, Hyun-seung promised to take So-yeon to Paradise. When it came time for her to choose her partner, she shocked the contestants by tricking them into believing she chose Hyun-seung. She actually chose Oh Jin-taek.

Hyun-seung explained that everyone in the men’s tent was stunned but sighed in relief when choosing Jin-taek. So-yeon bashfully admits it was the best moment on the show for her. But their collab video also revealed they knew each other before meeting on the show.

Kang So-yeon and Cha Hyun-seung met when she was an idol in a co-ed group

Kang So-yeon from 'Single's Inferno' in WE K-Pop group wearing leather dress.
Kang So-yeon from ‘Single’s Inferno’ in WE K-Pop group. | via Stone Music Entertainment

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Before becoming a boxing judge and owner of her own gym, So-yeon had a drastically different career. Fans learned the Single’s Inferno contestant was a K-Pop idol in a co-ed group in 2012. So-yeon was the only female member of WE. Who would have guessed So-yeon’s past career as an idol led to her crossing paths with Hyun-seung, a dancer?

In the collab video, So-yeon and Hyun-seung explain they had met before Single’s Inferno. So-yeon explains it was not a ‘Nice to see you again’ moment. They both felt they knew each other but did not know why. It was only after the show did they realize how and why.

“As we talked, I realized that you were the person that I knew. You were the person who I thought you looked like. It wasn’t the resemblance. It was the person,” said Hyun-seung to So-yeon. He is referring to So-yeon’s past as a K-Pop idol.

Hyun-seung has been a backup dancer for K-Pop idols and groups for years. So-yeon explains, “We almost stood on the same stage. Two people who greeted each other for the stage.” No one expected Single’s Inferno’s So-yeon and Hyun-seung to have an interesting connection.

Cha Hyun-seung is the tying link to other ‘Single’s Inferno’ contestants

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Before new participants entered Single’s Inferno in episode 5, none of the contestants knew each other in real life. It was one of the rules of the dating show. But the writers and creators likely never expected Hyun-seung to know many of them in real life. Besides knowing So-yeon, Hyun-seung is also good friends with Kim Hyeon-joong.

When he arrived on the island and was introduced to the other contestants, Hyun-seung gasped after realizing who the newcomer was. In real life, both male contestants work out together and have similar friend groups. That is not all.

Song Ji-a also revealed she knows Hyun-seung by word of mouth. She and Hyun-seung were advised to become business partners. Due to conflicting schedules, it never happened.