‘Single’s Inferno’: Moon Se-hoon Discusses the Show’s ‘Evil Editing’, Hate Comments, and Blames the Staff

A few contestants on Netflix’s Single’s Inferno got criticized for their actions and demeanor on the show. One of them was Moon Se-hoon, who received hate comments over his “obsessive” behavior for Shin Ji-yeon on Single’s Inferno. In a Q&A interview, Se-hoon talks about the onslaught of criticism he received and reveals it is largely due to the staff’s editing of his scenes.

Moon Se-hoon in 'Single's Inferno' dating show wearing grey polo.
Moon Se-hoon in ‘Single’s Inferno’ dating show | via Netflix

Moon Se-hoon was disliked well into ‘Single’s Inferno’

At first glance, Se-hoon looks like a charismatic and good-looking man who had a chance of finding love on Inferno. But audiences soon turned on him for his consistent fascination with Ji-yeon. Some fans believe he was “relentless” in his pursuit of her despite Ji-yeon showing less interest as time went on.

Despite two new female contestants being introduced in Single’s Inferno Episode 5 that showed promise for Se-hoon, he stuck to wooing Ji-yeon. His efforts and kindness ultimately won over Ji-yeon and led them to have two dates to Paradise. They left the island together as a couple.

Like some of his co-stars, Se-hoon received hate comments over how he acted on the island. Some comments came from international fans as well. While he laughs off the comments in a Q&A video on GomongTube, he explains his reactions were manipulated on Single’s Inferno.

Moon Se-hoon says the ‘Single’s Inferno’ staff are partially responsible

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In the Q&A video, Se-hoon explains many fans hated him until episode 4 or 5 of Single’s Inferno. People disliked how he handled trying to gain Ji-yeon’s favor. He reveals some fans sent him DM’s privately.

“I’ve received a lot of criticisms via DM. They would say,’ Open your eyes.’ Like, ‘I’m going to punch your face and smash your glasses.’ There were a lot of people that didn’t like me,” said Se-hoon. He says it was tough for him and read comments from fans who were upset that he was pursuing someone who had no real interest in him.

Se-hoon also reveals that the contestants were allowed to use their phones for a short time during breaks. When he chose Ji-yeon for a trip to Paradise, online comments had him doubting his decision. Fans and netizens felt he was “toxic” due to his facial expressions that showed jealousy, annoyance, or anger.

But Se-hoon explains the Single’s Inferno staff is partially to blame. “But the staff are to blame a little on their part. (The editing is a bit)… They just used it as it is. The insanity could be seen on the face, and because of what happened before, it’s very provocative.” Rewatching the show, he noticed why fans disliked him due to editing.

Moon Se-hoon was not the only contestant who was badly edited

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The staff of Single’s Inferno might have done the contestants dirty as Se-hoon was not the only contestant who was seen in a bad light. According to Koreaboo, Kim Hyeon-joong spoke to Maeil Business Newspaper about how he was portrayed on the show and malicious comments.

“I knew going in that there would be many scenes that [were heavily edited] could create a specific opinion and misunderstanding about me, but I did not expect such severe malicious comments,” said Hyeon-joong.

Single’s Inferno left out the reality of why Hyeon-joong looked uncomfortable and upset while on the show. He had dislocated his shoulder during filming and was trying to deal with the pain. He also dealt with health issues concerning his congenital kidney function. The contestants on Single’s Inferno became overnight celebrities and were targets of criticism.