‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2: Yoong-jae Officially Confirms He Is Dating Seo-eun During Instagram Live

There has been enough evidence that Netflix Single’s Inferno Season 2 contestants Yoong-jae and Seo-eun are dating. They were one of the couples that left the deserted island together and who fans felt were ‘soulmates.’ Since the dating series, Yoong-jae and Seo-eun were spotted on a date and speculated to be a couple. In a recent Instagram Live, Yoong-jae shyly confirms he and Seo-eun are official.

Yoong-jae on his Paradise date with Seo-eun in 'Single's Inferno' Season 2.
Yoong-jae on his Paradise date with Seo-eun in ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 | via Netflix

The ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 couple were a match from the get-go

When the dating series started, fans soon realized who would be the final couples to leave together. One of them was Yoong-jae and Seo-eun. While there were a few hiccups on Single’s Inferno Season 2, as Yoong-jae did not adequately deal with So-e’s feelings for him, they both got a happily ever after. Yoong-jae’s heart soon fluttered only for Seo-eun, the former Miss Korea and artist on Single’s Inferno Season 2.

Their connection became more apparent as the series progressed, and Yoong-jae became determined to show his feelings. His ambition worked as he became the type of man Seo-eun wanted in a relationship. They went to Paradise twice. Seo-eun wore his button-up shirt, and they were always together on the island. Seo-eun was happy whenever she was with him.

While Han-bin also picked Seo-eun during the Single’s Inferno Season 2 finale, Seo-eun had her heart set on Yoong-jae. Months after the initial filming of the series, the contestants have kept their relationship statuses a secret. Fans heavily speculate Single’s Inferno Season 2’s So-e and Se-jun are dating, but so are Seo-eun and Yoong-jae.

The two were spotted on a coffee date in December and announced a fan meeting together. But neither have come forth to fully confirm they are dating. Yoong-jae said in an interview that he found ‘the one’ he wants to spend his life with on Single’s Inferno Season 2. Also, he was not concerned about how the series portrayed him as he was confident in his feelings for So-e. But fans finally got the official confirmation that they are dating in real life.

Yoong-jae shyly confirms he is dating Seo-eun after ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2

There is no denying that the cast of Single’s Inferno Season 2 has done more social media work and promotion than the first season. Like the first season cast, they have all become close friends and hang out together when possible. On Jan. 24, KST, Dong-woo, and Yoong-jae went live on Instagram during a snowy camping trip.

They included Nadine and So-e, with the pre-med student seemingly having So-e hint at the possibility of her and Se-jun dating. But the Instagram Live had Yoong-jae bashfully confirmed he and Seo-eun have been dating since the end of Single’s Inferno Season 2.

The two male contestants interacted with fans during the live and answered a few questions. Dong-woo helped with the English questions, and a fan asked if Seo-eun was nearby. Yoong-jae admitted she lives in a nearby area. But Dong-woo caught on to one important question from a fan.

“Are Yoong-jae and Seo-eun together or not?” asked the fan. Yoong-jae burst into a cute and shy smile and only nodded his head. But Dong-woo needed a firm answer and asked, “yes?” to which Yoong-jae answered the Korean equivalent of “yes.” Later, the topic of marriage came up, and he also answered he hoped to marry Seo-eun.

It is official Single’s Inferno Season 2 has successfully brought together Yoong-jae and Seo-eun in an official relationship.

Dong-woo and Yoong-jae cracked a few jokes with their ‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 2 co-star

The Instagram Live by Dong-woo and Yoong-jae was a goldmine for fans. According to Koreaboo, both cracked jokes with Nadine when she joined the live. Dong-woo asked if she was doing homework, and she admitted she was until they pestered her to join the live. Since the dating series, fans have seen Dong-woo and Yoong-jae as having ‘big brother energy’ regarding Nadine.


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When she joined the live, Dong-woo joked she needed to say hello to ‘uncle’ Yoong-jae, and she did. She later joked that, like Dong-woo, he is also a friend. The two male contestants continued to crack a few jokes at Nadine that were harmless and fun. Fans also got some good laughs from Jin-young and Se-jun’s impromptu Instagram Live in the early morning hours in Korea.

Jin-young made a few comical jabs at Se-jun’s ability always to nap or sleep. The two are tagged as having an official bromance.