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Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno revolves around a group of contestants trying to find love and survive on a deserted island. Fans of the show are left wondering where the isolated island is located in South Korea. Seeing as the Single’s Inferno cast deals with the sweltering heat on the island, its filming timeline also raises questions.

Netflix's 'Single's Inferno' island and cast playing on the beach.
‘Single’s Inferno’ official cast poster | via Netflix

The contestants and crew of ‘Single’s Inferno’ do visit a real deserted island

Part of the charm of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno is the inability to escape the island. When the contestants first arrived, they inhabited only a small portion of the island, where they had living quarters, a kitchen, and small rest areas along a picturesque beach. According to The Cinemaholic, the contestants and crew are on Saseungbong-do Island in South Korea.

The island is deserted, and it is likely that the production crew set up the show’s filming location and brought in supplies from neighboring inhabited areas. The contestants have no refrigerator in the show and can only cook with food provided and a wood-burning cauldron.

When it comes to the couples leaving for Paradise, they get the five-star treatment. To experience delicious food, a luxurious bed, and amenities, the contestants take a trip to Paradise Hotel and Resort in Paradise City, Jung-Gu, Incheon, South Korea. Fans saw the couples taking a helicopter to their resort in the show. It is less than a mile from Seoul Incheon International Airport.

Fans figured out the show’s filming timeline based on Song Ji-a’s nails

Looking at the contestant’s Instagrams, there are no clues of their time filming Netflix’s Single’s Inferno. The reality show did a good job keeping the contestants’ identities a secret until its premiere. Fans have no indicators of who left the island as a couple. Many fans assume the show was filmed a few months ago to avoid spoilers.

A fan on Reddit was able to figure out the show’s filming timeline based on an Instagram post by Song. “I’ve done a bit of digging on my own, and it looks like it was filmed during June/July,” said the Reddit user. According to the fan, Song’s nails in her first interview match a post she made in June.

The fan also noticed that An Yea-won‘s turquoise nails in Single’s Inferno match a photoshoot she posted on Instagram in July to verify the timelines further. The timelines could be accurate as the contestants often made remarks about the hot climate on the island.

The contestants of Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ were only on the island for a week


‘Single’s Inferno’: What Is Song Ji-a’s YouTube Channel and Instagram?

Finding love on a deserted island would take time. But the contestants of Single’s Inferno must find a possible partner within nine days. Netflix’s Single’s Inferno has a relatively short time frame compared to other popular dating shows like Love Island and The Bachelor.

The show does not reveal if the contestants could use their phones. It is safe to assume they had limited access to avoid spoilers before the show aired. Looking at the contestant’s Instagrams, many of them posted regularly during June and July.