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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has 18 children from four different wives. Married to Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, and divorced from Christine, Brown’s relationship with some of his offspring has ebbed and flowed as they have grown into adulthood. Ahead of season 17’s debut, fans allege that the reality star is closer to one of his children than others, and it’s not whom you would expect.

'Sister Wives' cast includes Kody Brown and wives Meri, Robyn, Janelle and ex-Christine.
Meri, Robyn, Kody, Janelle, and Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

Kody Brown began his journey as a father in 1994

Although Meri was Brown’s first legal wife, his spiritual wife Janelle delivered their family’s first child, son Logan, in 1994. His birth was followed by sister Aspyn, Christine’s child, Meri’s daughter Mariah, who now goes by Leon, and Janelle’s daughter Madison in 1995.

Mykelti, Christine’s daughter, arrived in 1996, followed by Janelle’s son Hunter in 1997.

Christine and Kody’s son Paedon was born in 1998. The same year, Janelle gave birth to Garrison.

Robyn delivered her son Dayton, with former husband Dayton Jessop, in 2000.

Gabriel, Janelle’s son, arrived in 2001, as did Christine’s fourth child Gwendlyn.

Robyn’s daughter Aurora was born in 2002 during her mother’s marriage to Jessop. Ysabel, Christine’s daughter, arrived one year later.

Janelle’s daughter Savannah joined the Brown clan in 2004. One year later, Breanna was added Robyn’s family, the last child she delivered with Jessop.

Christine’s last child, Truely, was delivered in 2010, followed by Robyn’s two children with Brown, Solomon, and Ariella, in 2011 and 2016, respectively.

‘Sister Wives’ fans claim this is Kody Brown’s favorite child


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In a Reddit post, fans debated if Brown had one child, which he favored above all others.

Several believe that Brown had a soft spot for Madison.

While Madison and her father have always had a great relationship, Madison’s husband of six years, Caleb Brush, is whom fans believe is Brown’s favorite “child.”

Brush is the brother of Kody’s sister-in-law, Erica Brush Brown. However, he and Maddie are not blood-related.

Brush and Brown are very close. This aspect of their relationship is noticeable when TLC documented Maddie and Brush’s relationship in season 11.

In the Reddit post, fans commented on Brown’s favorite “child.”

“Caleb is the favorite child, hands down,” penned one viewer.

“When Aspyn/Mitchell and Maddie/Caleb head out to get back to Vegas after helping the family move to Flagstaff. Kody said goodbye to his daughters and not a single tear. He says goodbye to Caleb and starts sobbing,” a second fan noted of the peculiar scene.

“Kody’s blatant obsession with Caleb makes me a little uneasy,” claimed a third Sister Wives viewer.

“I think he feels connected to his brother through Caleb since he was close to Curtis. Caleb was the brother-in-law of Kody’s deceased brother,” remarked a fourth fan.

When will ‘Sister Wives’ return to TLC?

According to Christine and Kody’s son Paedon Brown, the family began filming season 17 of Sister Wives in Jan. 2022.

Christine split from the polygamist clan and moved to Utah. However, according to Paedon, she has filmed for this season.

Season 17 will most likely focus on Kody’s multiple broken relationships with his wives and children.

The family has been silent about the current state of their relationships on social media.

TLC has not yet announced a release date for the new season.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.