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Season 17 of TLC’s Sister Wives opened with a face-to-face between Kody and Christine Brown. During a discussion regarding the state of their marriage, Christine appeared calm, in stark contrast to Kody’s responses. Fans spoke out after the episode aired. They claimed to have “so much respect” for Christine after what appeared to be Kody’s “gaslighting” during the season premiere showdown.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown in side by side photos from TLC's 'Sister Wives.'
Kody and Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

Some ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Claim Kody Brown Has Never Been a ‘Great Father’ Ahead of Season 17

‘Sister Wives’ season 17 opened with a bang

At the close of season 16, Christine moved Kody’s belongings out of their Flagstaff, Arizona home. Subsequently, the couple discussed their feelings to understand better why their marriage broke down. During their discussion, filmed in the winter of 2021 for season 17, Christine told her husband there was no chance for their relationship to continue if he wasn’t attracted to her physically.

“I just shrugged my shoulders,” Kody said in response to Christine’s accusations. “I didn’t tell you it was over or use those words; I said, ‘We’ll see.’”

Kody claimed he didn’t want a physical relationship with his wife because of her behavior. He accused Christine of reportedly telling other family members of her desire to leave him. Christine fought back and said her worth in the family was not dependent on whether or not she was a good sister wife to his “favorite” spouse, Robyn.

The tense conversation subsequently continued for over half the episode as Kody presented his case about why Christine shouldn’t leave their family. In turn, she explained why she should.

‘Sister Wives’ fans claim to have ‘so much respect’ for Christine Brown after Kody’s attempts at ‘gaslighting’

However, in a Reddit board where fans discussed the episode, Christine appeared to be the clear winner in the couple’s conversation.

“So much respect for Christine for holding it in so long. It’s hilarious that Kody is comparing relationships, not her. She was so calm and focused during the conversation. I don’t think Kody knew what to do. He expected hysterics, begging, promises to do better, etc., and he got none of that,” wrote one viewer.

“Kody wanted her to cry and be all upset. He wanted her to blow up and yell; she almost did as they discussed how the kids were treated differently. Kody said that she was comparing relationships (she wasn’t), but it became clear that he was gaslighting her to get the upper hand,” deduced a second fan.

“I think that’s why he went so low about never loving her and saying ‘I didn’t know better,’ crap. Her calmness shocked him. It made him angry. Kody wanted to hurt her feelings,” penned a third Reddit user.

“I love that Christine told Kody she was done and wanted out and not to be married to him. His ego couldn’t compute the words he was hearing,” wrote a fourth viewer.

‘Sister Wives’ Season 17, Episode 2 teasers

The title of the season’s second episode piggybacks on Christine’s statements about Robyn Brown being the favorite of Kody’s wives ahead of herself, Meri, and Janelle Brown.

Titled “Is There a Favorite Wife?” the Browns face one of their biggest fears as one of the wives tests positive for COVID-19, and Janelle’s household fights through the virus.

Ysabel will share exciting news about her future while Christine reveals to the other wives her plans to move to Salt Lake City with Truely. Kody struggles to let go of his third wife.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.