‘Sister Wives’: How Much Money Does Meri Brown Make from Selling LuLaRoe?

Meri Brown from Sister Wives recently spent a week cruising around the Caribbean. On Instagram, she shared plenty of photos of herself relaxing on the beach and enjoying her time in the sun. And she also took some time to talk up LuLaRoe, the multi-level-marketing company that sent her on the trip.

What is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is a multi-level-marketing company that sells women’s clothing like leggings and dresses. Independent consultants sell the items directly to shoppers, often online. They earn money from those sales, as well as a small percentage based on whatever people they recruit to the company sell.

While the company is controversial — the Washington State Attorney General has sued LuLaRoe, saying it’s an illegal pyramid scheme — its products remains popular. Though some consultants say they lost thousands of dollars trying to sell LuLaRoe’s brightly patterned leggings, others like Meri Brown still seem to be fully on board with the company.

The LuLaRoe incentive cruise

Every year, LuLaRoe rewards its top consultants with a free cruise. This year, both Meri and her fellow sister wife Christine were on the trip, along with sister wife Janelle’s daughter Maddie and Audrey, Meri’s daughter Mariah’s fiancée. Meri was also on last year’s cruise, based on her Instagram posts.

It’s not clear exactly how much money you needed to make to get an invite to this year’s cruise, which visited Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao in the Carbibbean. But in 2017, you needed to have at least four consecutive months of sales above $12,000, according to one consultant. (Given how cheap cruise vacations can be, some have argued that the free cruise is not all that great of an incentive, especially once you factor in the cost of getting to the port, which the company does not cover.)

If Meri hits that $12,000-per-month target every month, that means she’s clearing $144,000 a year from LuLaRoe, before taxes and expenses. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure how much she sells, but given her high profile, it possible that she’s doing very well.

LuLaRoe has helped Meri achieve other things

Meri started selling LuLaRoe in 2016. She’s obviously made it work for her, and her success has allowed her to branch out and start her own independent business.

Fans of Sister Wives know that Meri has opened her own B&B in Parowan, Utah, in a 19th-century home once owned by her family. While on the show she is seen asking husband Kody and her sister wives for financial support for the venture, she eventually decided to go it alone. In a tweet from last year, she said that wanting to buy the house wasn’t the reason she started selling LuLaRoe, but it later became one of the things that motivated her to make her business work.

Given Meri’s complex relationship with Kody and her sister wives, and amid rumors that she’s fed up with her plural family, some fans are happy to see her strike out on her own. They’re glad to see this 48-year-old mom of one gain some independence.