‘Sister Wives’: Kody Fears Appearing ‘Weak’ Amid Split From Christine

Kody Brown’s marriage to Christine Brown is over, and the Sister Wives star is fearing the fallout from the breakup. In the September 18 episode of the TLC series, Kody and Christine prepared to break the news of their split to the other sister wives. But he’s afraid that admitting that his third wife is leaving will make him look weak in the eyes of the rest of the family. 

‘Sister Wives’ star Kody Brown says he’s ‘in denial’ about the end of his marriage to Christine 

Kody Brown wearing a plaid shirt in an episode of 'Sister Wives'
Kody Brown on ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC via YouTube

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In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Christine continued to hash out the breakdown of their marriage of more than two decades. While he’s previously resisted Christine’s insistence that she needed to leave, he finally seemed to be coming around to the idea that their relationship was over. 

“I just need to let it go … I need some grief counseling,” he said. Later, he admitted that he was “in a state of denial” about the final rupture with Christine, to whom he’s been spiritually married since 1994. 

Previously, Kody has tried to shift the blame for his marriage’s failure, arguing that Christine bore all the responsibility for the split. But in the latest episode, his tone finally began to shift. He confessed that he was struggling to take accountability for what happened in their relationship. And he stunned his third wife when he apologized for getting angry when she initially brought up the idea of leaving. 

Kody doesn’t want his other wives to see him as ‘weak’ and ‘unmanly’

Kody might be coming around to the idea that he is somewhat responsible for his breakup with Christine. But that doesn’t mean he’s enthusiastic about breaking the news to his other wives. 

Christine told Kody she was ready to sit down with Robyn, Meri, and Janelle and explain the coming changes to their family. She wanted to be honest with everyone about what was really going on. But for Kody, that was a difficult pill to swallow because it would mean admitting failure. 

“I feel unmanly,” Kody admitted in a confessional. “I don’t want my other wives to see me as weak. So I don’t want to talk about it to them.” 

Kody even tried to weasel his way out of participating in the conversation with Meri, Robyn, and Janelle. But Christine said she needed him to be there. 

The other wives know something is wrong 

Kody might not want to show weakness to the rest of his family. But his other wives have known for some time that things are not going well between him and Christine. 

“He’s an angry man right now. He’s really struggling,” Robyn said in an interview segment “What’s going on with him and Christine, I’ve never seen him like this before.”

Robyn – who Christine has called Kody’s favorite wife – says the problems in his other relationship are affecting her marriage. 

“I miss my husband because he’s not himself,” she said.   

Janelle and Roby are also aware that there’s tension in Kody’s marriage to Christine. Though Kody’s dreading breaking the news about Christine leaving, they may be less surprised – and less upset – by the decision than he fears. 

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. Episodes also stream on discovery+.

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