‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Loosens Up With Some Backyard Yoga Moves

Meri Brown is showing off her yoga moves on Instagram, but the Sister Wives star says she’s not actually a fan of the popular activity. Even though her daughter Mariah Brown is an avid yogi who has traveled to Bali to complete her yoga teacher training, she apparently hasn’t been able to get her mom on board with the practice. 

Meri Brown says she’s ‘not a yoga fan’ 

The June 11 social media post shows Meri and her daughter Mariah Brown doing yoga outside, with both women demonstrating their reverse warrior pose. Meri explained that the image was a throwback to earlier in the spring, presumably from before social distancing guidelines were in effect. 

“Throwback to a spring day when the yoga teacher tries to show her mom some yoga moves,” Meri wrote. “She’s cool, I’m awkward, puppies just want to play. Did I mention I’m not a yoga fan??”

In a follow-up comment, Meri revealed that the only part of a typical yoga class she felt good at was the end, when you relax in corpse pose (or Savasana).

“It’s just too boring to me, toooooo slooowwwww….. lol! She says that’s why I need it! Haha!” the TLC star wrote of her opinion of yoga.

The ‘Sister Wives’ star seems to be undergoing a transformation 

Yoga might not be right for Meri, but the Sister Wives star is looking at other ways to transform her life. Recently, her social media feed has been filled with posts about how she’s focused on living her best life, ignoring the haters, and loving herself. Fans have also noticed that the mom of one seems to have lost weight recently. 

“You are looking very fit and happy,” one commented on a recent post. “Meri you look great! I can see you’ve dropped a few pounds. You must feel great,” another wrote. 

Meri has also shared how her thinking on political and social issues has evolved. In a recent Instagram post, she apologized for not speaking out earlier about the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. She admitted that while she “never considered herself racist,” she also initially misunderstood the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“Years ago when I started hearing about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I also started hearing about how all lives matter,” she wrote. “Yes! Yes we all do! But in my ignorance at the time, I didn’t understand WHY there was a Black Lives Matter movement and what was behind it.”

She added that she was now committed to listening, learning, and doing her part to “contribute to the change.” 

Could Meri be preparing to leave Kody for good? 


‘Sister Wives’ Fans Are Blown Away By Meri Brown’s Transformation, Think It’s Proof She Should Leave Kody

All of Meri’s talk about healing and loving herself and health has some Sister Wives fans hoping an even bigger change is in the works. They desperately want her to finally leave her husband Kody Brown for good. 

“Kody is passing up the diamond in his family! You deserve so much better than him!” a supporter commented on social media. 

“I GET going through hard times in a marriage, but he seems like he just doesn’t care about you,” another wrote. “I hope you find real happiness.”