‘Mean Girl’ Robyn Brown’s Cutting Remarks Hit Christine Brown Below the Belt as Far Back as Season 1, Claim ‘Sister Wives’ Viewers

On the heels of an explosive new episode of Sister Wives titled “Life After Polygamy,” viewers recalled a vital instance when Robyn Brown did not appear to be as kind and considerate toward her sister wives as she historically claimed to be. The episode featured Christine Brown‘s final moments as part of the Brown family and Robyn’s claims she was heartbroken over the loss of the third of Kody Brown‘s wives. However, Robyn showed her true personality as far back as season one. Fans claim she made remarks that hit Christine below the belt.

Robyn and Christine Brown in side by side screenshots taken from TLC's 'Sister Wives.'
Robyn and Christine Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC/YouTube

Christine and Robyn Brown always had a problematic relationship

Robyn Brown entered the polygamist clan in 2010. She entered a household where she was the fourth of Kody’s wives. Meri, Janelle, and Christine preceded her in line.

Robyn entered the family when Christine was in the final stages of her pregnancy with her and Kody’s daughter Truely. There were issues as Robyn demanded equal time with the family patriarch as his wives, even though she was not yet married to Kody.

Christine famously became upset when Robyn and Kody picked out her wedding dress, excluding his other wives from the decision. She was also upset when she learned Kody and Robyn kissed before marriage. However, in a later clip, Christine extended a hand of friendship to Robyn via a handmade gift for her newborn son, Solomon.

Before leaving the Brown family for good, Christine spoke openly to TLC’s cameras. “Being a mom is my most important thing, but I couldn’t, with a clear conscience, stay married to someone who had favorites and made it very known and someone who was breaking my kids’ hearts. I need to stand with them instead, and I wanted to do it for them.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans claim Robyn Brown’s cutting remarks hit Christine Brown below the belt as far back as season 2

'Sister Wives' stars Christine Brown and Robyn Brown in side by side photographs.
Christine Brown and Robyn Brown | TLC/YouTube

‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believe ‘Sobbin Robyn’ Brown Has Played the ‘Victim Card’ Since Season One

In a Reddit post, fans discussed a season one moment which aired on Sister Wives. Robyn appeared to make a remark that hit Christine below the belt. The comment was about Christine’s last pregnancy with Truely at 38. Previously, Christine previously gave birth to five of Kody’s children.

Fans believe Robyn’s real persona was on full display in earlier seasons of the series, as evidenced by a cutting remark toward her sister wife after Christine gave birth.

“Robyn, in the first season, talks about Christine having Truely. ‘Well, I’ve heard it’s harder to recover when you have a baby when you’re older.’ Like girl: aren’t you only like seven years younger than Christine?” noted one viewer.

“I don’t care about the age difference thing AT ALL. However, why did Robyn take it upon herself to EVEN say that?! It was snarky as hell!” penned a second fan.

“She’s not even cleverly snarky. She’s just an outright b****,” claimed a third Reddit user. “She said it because she had three kids and was still skinny and slightly younger, putting Christine down. I hope she thinks about saying that now and then sees Christine all glowing and looks in the mirror as she puts on her war brows for the day and sobs.”

“She did that sorta thing CONSTANTLY in the earlier seasons. And then wonders why no one in the family worshipped her like Kody did (and does),” wrote a fourth viewer.

What’s next on ‘Sister Wives?’

The drama between Kody and his remaining wives continues in an upcoming Sister Wives episode titled “Coronapocalypse.” This 13th installment of season 17 will heavily feature the fracture in the relationship between Kody and Janelle.

The official synopsis cites “big problems” with Kody and Janelle’s marriage bubble. Before they can address them, Kody and Robyn both get coronavirus. Robyn ends up in the hospital, wondering if she will survive.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.