This Early 2000s Sitcom Inspired the ‘WandaVision’ Theme Song for 1 Episode

Wanda shared her love for several sitcoms during episode 8 of the Disney+ original series WandaVision. She even watched one with Vision in the Avengers compound. Here’s what we know about the sitcom the chaotic and colorful “Halloween special” was based on.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for WandaVision].

Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda on 'WandaVision'
Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda on ‘WandaVision’ | Marvel Studios

‘WandaVision’ Episode 6 was the ‘All-New Halloween Spooktacular!’

Wanda and Vision are an unusual couple with a passion for classic sitcoms. After traveling through television shows like The Brady Bunch and The Dick Van Dyke Show, Wanda and Vision made it to the early 2000s. 

In episode 6 of this series, the “All-New Halloween Spooktacular,” Wanda and her children prepared for the October holiday, with the help of her brother Pietro and Vision. She didn’t expect, however, to be expanding the hex to save Vision’s life. Again. 

Just like several other WandaVision creations, this episode took elements from the sitcom era it was from. For episode 6, that included a new theme song inspired by the early 2000s classic, Malcolm in the MIddle. Even the house that this family was living in took elements from this show. 

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What was ‘WandaVision’ episode 6 based on?

As seen by Wanda’s home and the opening credits, episode 6 of this Marvel series took inspiration from the 2000s-based sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle. This sitcom followed one chaotic family and, particularly, the middle child who was a genius navigating school and relationships. 

The children in the family were always getting into trouble, not unlike Wanda’s own children. The Malcolm in the Middle characters also had an older brother who they idolized, similar to “Pietro,” who spent time with Wanda’s children. 

As the matriarch and the only girl of the family, Wanda was similar to Lois, who urged her husband to participate in the Halloween activities. When that didn’t work out, however, Vision went to see what was happening in this small town. 

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Wanda and Vision watched episodes of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ together

When Wanda and Vision spend time together at the Avengers compound, it’s mostly them watching sitcoms. In the snippet of their relationship that Agatha sees during episode 8, the couple was watching an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. 

There, part of the roof fell off and Hal was crushed. Vision wondered about his health and Wanda explained that he’s fine and it’s not that kind of show. It’s through these television shows that Wanda not only connected with her family, but with her soulmate.

It could also explain why she turned Westview into a moment in television history. Episodes of Marvel’s WandaVision season 1 are available exclusively on Disney’s streaming platform, while the original sitcom Malcolm in the Middle is available for binge-watching on Hulu.

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