‘Sky Rojo’: What to Expect in Part 2

La Casa de Papel creators Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato are back on the scene with Sky Rojo Season 2. The next installment of the action thriller arrives on July 23 to pick up where Wendy (Lali Espósito), Gina (Yany Prado), and Coral (Verónica Sánchez) left off.

Part 1 introduced viewers to the girls and their cruel, abusive pimp Romeo (Asier Etxeandia) and his equally evil goons, Christian (Enric Auquer) and Moisés (Miguel Ángel Silvestre). But what’s going down in season 2 of the Netflix TV show?

'Sky Rojo' Season 1 Episode 4 with Yanis Prado, Lali Esposito, and Veronica Sanchez
‘Sky Rojo’ Season 1 Episode 4 with Yanis Prado, Lali Esposito, and Veronica Sanchez | Tamara Arranz/Netflix

‘Sky Rojo’ season 2 resurrects Romeo

In the season 1 cliffhanger, Coral returned to Club Novias to face Romeo, and she nearly sent him to meet his maker. Then she decided to perform CPR on the hateful jerk, reviving him and his wish to kill her. Meanwhile, Wendy and Gina worked tirelessly to bury Moisés alive in his car. They cleverly dug a pit large enough for his SUV, led him there by motorcycle, and commenced to dumping dirt on him. His only glimmer of hope is his brother Christian — who’s on foot.

Season 2 brings back Romeo, and he’s assembled an army to track down the girls. It appears he didn’t learn his lesson the first time to just leave them alone, and revenge has his blood boiling. However, things may not tilt in his favor this time around. Why? Wendy survives her gunshot, and somehow, Coral escapes the club.

Wendy, Coral, and Gina are armed and dangerous

This time around, Romeo and his crew become the hunted. In the opening shot of the season 2 trailer, Wendy warns that the story isn’t over. “They say that when you’re about to die, you see your whole life flash before you. What I thought was the end…was the beginning,” she says.

Somehow, Moisés makes it out of that sand pit with his car intact. But the girls are ready for him, Romeo, and Christian, complete with fully loaded guns and a bear trap. Watching those metal teeth clamp down on Christian’s leg is both agonizing and satisfying. Fans are in for one heck of a gory ride.

Strapped to the nines and armed with a plan, Coral, Wendy, and pregnant Gina are looking to cash in on their “grudge.” They seem to have ended their infighting for good and are focused on killing their tormentors. Perhaps they’ll even free the other women at the brothel. And perhaps Coral will shake her habit for drugs and Moisés.

What about ‘Sky Rojo’ Season 3?

Co-creators Pina and Lobato spoke with Sensacine, and Pina mentioned that future installments of the series depend on the audience’s response.

“Right now, we have written and shot two seasons with an open ending,” he said. He explained how they write the story as they go along rather than as complete seasons with a resolutions. They follow the same process for Money Heist. The pair said the characters drive the story and they must be compelling enough to draw in viewers.

Sky Rojo 2 drops on Netflix on July 23 with eight new episodes. Let’s hope the ladies stay focused on their mission and don’t rope any more innocents into their war.