‘sMothered’ Season 2: Meet the New Mother-Daughter Pairs (and See Which Wild Duos Are Returning from Season 1)

There’s nothing quite like the mother-daughter bond, but is it possible to be too close to your mom? That’s the question viewers are likely to be asking after watching sMothered, which features real-life mom-and-daughter pairs whose lives are intimately intertwined.  

In season 1 of the TLC reality show, viewers met wild duos who shared a bed (and the same bathwater), went on double-dates together, and dressed alike. Now, the show is coming back for a second season, where we’ll meet some new moms and daughters with unusually close relationships, as well as check in with a few old favorites. 

‘sMothered’: Meet the new moms and daughters 

sMothered cast
Sarah and Laurie; Brittani and Mary; Alena and Marcia | TLC

Three new pairs are joining the cast for sMothered Season 2. 

Last season, Sunhe and Angelica raised eyebrows when they admitted to sharing the same bathwater. But Mary and Brittani take things to another level by showering together. The two also take part in co-colonic therapy. These two are ultra-close, but will it last? Mary’s husband thinks it’s about time for Brittani to start building her own life away from her mom. 

Alena is a 21-year-old who has an enzyme deficiency, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. Plus, her mom Marcia is always on hand to tend to her every need. While Marcia won’t let her daughter have a puppy, she’s willing to pretend to make her daughter happy, waking up Alena every morning by licking her face. 

Sometimes, there’s a mother-daughter role reversal. That’s the case with Sarah, who has taken on the role of mothering her mom Laurie as her health declines. But Laurie is still very much a force, and she’s focused on making sure that her daughter and her boyfriend Miguel tie the knot while she’s still able to attend the wedding. 

These moms and daughters are coming back for season 2 

sMothered moms and daughters
Angelica and Sunhe; Cher and Dawn; Kathy and Cristina | TLC

Three moms and daughters from season 1 of sMothered will also be back for season 2. (Sandra and Mariah are the only season 1 cast members not to return for season 2.)

Sunhe and Angelica are back, but there’s tension between the two. Mom Sunhe is still not on board with her daughter’s boyfriend Jason. He’s finally ready to divorce his wife, but Sunhe insists on being involved in the legal proceedings and serving as a witness. But he’s keeping quiet about his plans to propose to Angelica, hoping he’ll be able to pop the question without her knowledge. 

The mother-daughter pair of Dawn and Cher is now a threesome after Cher gives birth to a girl named Belle Mae. Dawn, unsurprisingly, has been very involved with her daughter’s pregnancy, which doesn’t sit well with Cher’s husband Jared. 

Kathy and Cristina already live on the same block. But that’s not close enough for these two. Cristina and her family might be moving back in with her mom as they remodel their house. But neither Cristina’s husband Carlo nor her sister Carly are on board with the plan.

sMothered Season 2 premieres Sunday, May 24 at 10/9c on TLC.