‘sMothered’ Season 3: Meet the New and Returning Cast

There’s nothing like the mother-daughter bond, but the cast of TLC’s sMothered take things to a whole other level. The reality series, which premiered in 2019, returns for a third season on May 31. This time around, there’s a new batch of ultra-close moms and daughters, along with three returning pairs from previous seasons. 

‘sMothered’ returns to TLC on May 31

sMothered Season 3 premieres Monday, May 31 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. This season will feature more outrageous and eyebrow-raising moments from six extreme mother-daughter pairs, including those who share underwear and exchange Brazilian waxes. 

“We literally do everything together,” says one of the show’s cast members in a trailer for the upcoming season. 

“My mom’s my twin,” another says. “Like, we’re the same.” 

But the super-tight bonds these women share can cause problems in their other relationships. One daughter’s wife says that she “married into a polygamous relationship. I’m married to you and your mother.” 

“I feel like a third wheel in our marriage,” she says later. 

Meet the new moms and daughters on ‘sMothered’

collage image of the three new mom and daughter pairs on smothered season 3
Amy and Carina; Karla and Rykia; Lauren and Lisa of sMothered Season 3 | TLC

Three new moms and daughters are joining the sMothered cast this season. 

Mom Amy and daughter Carina live in Hawaii and are completely inseparable. The pair — who believe they’re connected on a spiritual level — share a home with 11 animals, including two Great Danes and eight ducks. However, Amy is beginning to realize that her and her daughter’s close relationship could be standing in the way of both of them having functional romantic relationships. 

Karla and Rykia live in Alabama and are so close they sometimes give each other Brazilian waxes. While Rykia doesn’t seem to mind how involved her mom is with her life, it rubs her brother Rasheed the wrong way. Karla’s tendency to overshare has even kept him from introducing his girlfriend of nine months to his family. 

Lisa and Lauren are more like best friends than mother and daughter — and that’s a problem for Lauren’s wife, Laura Leigh. Things get especially tense when Lisa takes a hands-on role in helping Lauren and Lisa conceive a baby. 

These ‘sMothered’ cast members are returning for season 3 

collage image of the three returning mom and daughter pairs from smothered season 3
Sunhe and Angelica; Kathy and Christina; and Dawn and Cher from sMothered Season 3 | TLC

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Three familiar sets of moms and daughters will also be back for sMothered Season 3. 

Sunhe and Angelica have been on the show since season 1. Daughter Angelica and her fiancé Jason are expecting their first child, but they haven’t exactly achieved their happily-ever-after. Sunhe is living with the couple, a move that Jason thought would be temporary, but Sunhe seems to think is permanent. Plus, Jason’s own mom is now in the picture, and that’s causing even more friction in the family. The situation leaves Angelica wondering if marrying Jason is the right decision. 

Kathy and Cristina are also returning for a third season of sMothered. This mom and daughter from Chicago are living apart again after Cristina’s husband Carlo decided not to move forward with a home renovation plan. And now that Carlo has decided to open his own restaurant, Cristina has a lot of new responsibilities, which causes her to pull away from her mom. But Kathy isn’t about to let her daughter go that easily and keeps finding ways to insert herself into her daughter’s life. 

Finally, Dawn and Cher, who have appeared on sMothered since season 1, are reunited after spending months apart due to the pandemic. Having endured the long separation, Dawn hatches a plan that will keep Cher and Cher’s daughter Belle close to her in Florida. But can she convince Cher’s husband Jared to go along, or will she find that she’s finally pushed the boundaries too far? 

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