‘Snake in the Grass’ Cast Dish Strategy, Game Insight – and Regrets [Exclusive]

Trusting your gut and playing to win (especially if you are the snake) are a few insights gleaned from the reality TV show, Snake in the Grass cast.

Snake in the Grass combines physical skill with mental acumen as four players are dropped in a Costa Rican landscape for 48 hours where they tackle challenges and untangle riddles.

Snake in the Grass cast member Trish Hegarty votes in front of host Bobby Jones
Trish Hegarty, Bobby Jones | Chase Bjornson/Peacock

Similar to the throwback adventure series, The Mole, one player is secretly tapped as a saboteur or “the snake.” It is up to the players to determine who is the snake through the challenges and riddles. If the Snake in the Grass cast correctly guesses the snake’s identity, they get to split $100,000. If they are wrong, the snake gets all the loot.

For the second time in a row, three out of the four players guessed the wrong person. Snake in the Grass cast members, Trish Hegarty, Sean Williams, and John Gaber reflected on their strategy with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, offering insight and a few regrets.

The ‘Snake in the Grass’ cast member played the game to win

Gaber was ultimately uncovered as the snake on Snake in the Grass episode 1. He struggled with the heavy suitcase during the ropes course but said dropping it wasn’t on purpose. “I tried winning everything,” he explained.

“The boxes were heavy,” he insisted. Adding that he was doing the majority of the work. “While Sean didn’t have to. So I was doing all the extra work and then had the box in my hand three different times. Getting the release every single time.”

He added that the ropes challenge was especially grueling so he wasn’t trying to throw it whatsoever. “Afterwards you couldn’t feel your hands or your forearms … nothing.”

Trish calls bulls*** on John’s ‘Snake in the Grass’ strategy

Hegarty, who starred in Survivor Season 58 said she wished she would have trusted her gut. “I’m calling bulls***,” she said about Gaber’s recollection of the ropes course. Gaber laughed telling Hegerty she only called bulls*** “because you got played.”

“I did think it was John,” she said. “I vacillated between John and Sean. And I was disappointed because Sean showed signs that it was him, even though it wasn’t. But there were times during the play that it really seemed as though it was him. So it did become kind of confusing in the end. But when John didn’t know his siblings, and then I just figured out some other stuff … I realized that I should have been paying a lot more attention than I was.”

Sean knew John was the snake and wished he spoke up more

For his part, Williams said he wished he had been more vocal with the Snake in the Grass cast. He was the only one who definitively said that Gaber was the snake. And he knew it all along. But he didn’t push hard to convince Hegarty and the fourth player, Alysia Montaño. He regrets not pushing harder.

The other players also thought that Williams was the snake because he didn’t share as much during the game. “I learned to just speak up for myself a little bit more and be more proactive,” Williams said. “But also, off the bat, I knew John was the snake. The stories aren’t adding up, playing the sympathy story, holding up the thing on the rope. All that extra mumbo jumbo stuff. I was just like, yeah, this dude’s the snake. And just everything that transpired, just all the questions that he had, you know, other people asking.”

He also shared why he chose to sleep in the hammock while the other three players slept on the ground. “The reason I did that is I literally just came back from a deployment where I had to sleep on the ground and I was like, I’m not doing this again,” he laughed. Adding, that he could hear the other three Snake in the Grass cast members whispering about him the entire time.

Catch a new episode of Snake in the Grass on Monday night at 11 pm ET on USA Network.

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