Snoop Dogg Once Almost Released a Diss Record About Suge Knight and Death Row

Snoop Dogg’s career is legendary and he has the stories to prove such. The rapper’s smooth flow is a huge contributor to the success of Death Row Records in the ‘90s but the relationship between Snoop and his label quickly soured. Snoop eventually was able to get out of his contract and almost released a song about his experience with the label and Suge Knight. But Snoop reveals in a new interview that Master P put a halt to the release of the record for Snoop’s safety.

Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and Suge Knight
Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, and Suge Knight via Twitter

Snoop Dogg leaves Death Row for No Limit Records

Death Row had a reputation as being dangerous, especially if artists wanted out of contracts. Rumors of death threats and even beatings at the order of Knight were not uncommon. Snoop became disgruntled with the label, especially after the death of his close friend, Tupac Shakur.

In 1998, Knight was in prison serving time on a nine-year sentence for parole violations and the label was under federal investigation. According to a New York Times article, Snoop was publicly critical of Knight. Snoop accused Knight and Death Row of withholding payments, cheating him of his song-publishing rights, and letting business go stale as Knight was in jail. 

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Snoop completed a third album but Death Row shelved it due to ongoing disputes. At the time, The New York Times quotes Snoop saying:

“’Basically I’m just trying to put out the best music I can put outI’m peaking right now. I’m not in my prime, but I’m peaking. And when you’re peaking you’re supposed to keep doing what you do. I just want to be completely out of this situation with Death Row, get my publishing, move forward, get me a great new situation and get my life started all over again.”

Snoop Dogg, The New York Times

Snoop took the opportunity to switch labels and signed with Master P’s No Limit Records that Spring. 

Snoop Dogg says Master P stopped him from releasing a diss record about Suge Knight and Death Row

Despite being in a new contract, Snoop was still upset over unfinished business at Death Row. He recorded a diss track aimed at his former label and Knight. When Master P heard it, he forbid Snoop from releasing it, saying the record could lead to danger.

Snoop spoke about it during an appearance on The Breakfast Club while discussing BET docu-series No Limit Chronicles. The song was titled “F**k Death Row.”

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“Man, you ain’ t gon’ live to see that album come out.  Don’t do that. You can’t make no record talking about Death Row and Suge Knight, you gotta let that sh*t go man,” Snoop says Master P told him.

To convince Snoop not to release the track, Master P moved Snoop to New Orleans from LA, bought him a house, and gave him enough money to care for his family.

Snoop credits Master P for saving his life and career, noting he made permanent changes after singing to No Limit Records.