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Heading into the Snowfall Season 4 finale, news about Irene Abe starts to travel. Everyone is on edge after the fallout from Skully, Manboy, and Khadijah, and those in the Saints’ inner circle is on the lookout.

With Aunt Louie in the hospital, Alton and Cissy continue to be at odds over Franklin and Reed. With so much happening, who made it out of this alive? Here’s a recap of the TV show‘s nail-biter finale.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the Snowfall Season 4 finale]

Damson Idris attends the premiere of FX's 'Snowfall' season 3 in 2019
Damson Idris attends the premiere of FX’s ‘Snowfall’ season 3 at Bovard Auditorium at USC, 2019 | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Franklin spazzes out about Alton

A flashback shows Alton standing up for Franklin at his elementary school. He got in trouble for refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance, but Alton told the teachers to kick rocks. He pulls Franklin out of school and reminds him that no matter what decisions he makes in life, he’ll always have his back.

Fast forward and Franklin asks Cissy how to find Alton. She reluctantly tells him to leave a message at the shelter and says Alton just wants to protect him.

Elsewhere, Skully is loading his guns and ready for retribution. He threatens a street dude to find out where Franklin and his closest loved ones are staying — even if it’s his mom.

Franklin receives a page from Teddy. He’s pissed because Alton is on the radio running his mouth about Irene’s death and how “Reed Thompson” is behind it. Alton says he has photos and other evidence and goes on a rant about the CIA poisoning the community. Teddy is hot. Franklin is worried.

He hits up the shelter and asks a man named Joe to contact Alton. Franklin wants to wait, but Joe doesn’t want to help. Franklin is angered and introduces himself as the financier for the shelter.

He forcefully kicks everyone out of the place, and Joe calls him a disgrace. Franklin stands by and watches women, children, and elderly homeless people shuffle out.

Teddy pages Franklin again to find Alton. He goes off and says he gave him enough time and threatens to lump Franklin and everyone else in with Alton. That’s a threat. But Franklin warns Teddy.

Skully shows up for revenge; Alton, Franklin, Reed are in a standoff

Alton’s recon friend meets up with Cissy and hands her some paperwork, and Alton is at the house, looking for Franklin. He grabs a gun out of Cissy’s closet and hears Franklin walk in. Alton wants Franklin to set up a meeting between him and Reed/Teddy, but that’s a no. Franklin says if Reed dies, the CIA will come after all of them.

Then Skully bangs on the door looking for Franklin. He and Alton hide with their guns raised as Skully breaks in and starts shooting. They exchange fire and Alton and Skully are both hit. Skully rolls out.

Franklin patches Alton up and urges him to go to a hospital, but he still wants Reed. Franklin tells him to pack up and leave. He pretends to be ok with that plan, but pistol whips Franklin. The screen goes dark until Cissy is there, hovering over Franklin.

Alton stole Franklin’s pager to contact Reed, who then calls Franklin at the house. Franklin is freaking out, but Reed gives him the meetup location “out of respect.” Cissy insists on coming along.

Meanwhile, Jerome is at the hospital with Louie, and Skully is parked on the street trying to fix his wound.

Alton and Reed park across from each other at the meetup spot. Alton stumbles out of the car because his wound hurts. Reed exits his car with his hands raised. Alton demands he leave Franklin alone, but Reed reveals it’s Franklin who created the arrangement, and he’s the biggest drug dealer in the world.

Alton rants about white supremacy and Reed denies that he’s “The Man” and urges him to talk to Franklin about getting out the game. Franklin and Cissy pull up to the intense showdown. Alton wants to kill Reed, and Reed wants to clip Alton. Both have their guns pointed at each other.

Back at the hospital, Skully has Louie at gunpoint and asks where Jerome is. Jerome walks in and tries to talk Skully down. Louie tries too, but he’s angry and hurt. She says the fighting will never end if he kills them. Jerome disables Skully, who falls to the ground, coughing and wounded.

Cissy steps in between Alton and Reed and promises to leave the country with Alton is Reed lets them go. Franklin has his gun pointed at Reed. Finally, Alton agrees to go. Guns are lowered all around.

Everyone leaves Franklin behind

The scene flips to Alton and Cissy standing on a tarmac with Franklin. They’re taking a private plane to Cuba. Alton apologizes to his son for all the mistakes he’s made.

He tells Franklin he loves him before getting on the plane. Cissy and Franklin share a tearful goodbye, and she promises to get in touch about the business.

As the plane takes off, Reed shows up and says he too has to go away and lay low. Reed informs Franklin that Gustavo will be his temporary contact until they find him a new CIA replacement. They part ways.

Franklin arrives at the hospital and sees Jerome talking to the police. Jerome tells him about Skully and how Louie talked him down. He won’t let Franklin in the room to see Louie though.

Oso and Teddy’s old boss Havemeyer are in the warehouse. As Oso organizes bricks, Havemeyer says he has information on Lucia. He leaves and Oso opens the files and sees photos of Lucia who’s alive and well.

At the club, Jerome walks Louie in and Franklin is waiting. He’s happy to see them but Jerome has an attitude. Louie wants to talk shop, and Jerome throws a bag of money at Franklin. They want to buy product from Franklin and strike out on their own. This pisses him off.

Louie says she’s run things before, and says they prefer to keep things in the family. She tells him to think it over. Franklin and Leon leave.

Leon advises Franklin to do the deal with Jerome and Louie, but he drops a bomb and says he wants out of the game. Franklin selfishly runs down why Leon owes him and he won’t let him out. “We gon’ be a family again, like always,” he says.

Teddy won’t let it go

In the final scenes, Alton and Cissy are shown in Cuba. Alton is chilling as Cissy leaves for the market. Hours pass and Alton hears someone come in; it’s Reed and his gun. Alton issues Reed/Teddy one last warning about his troubled life before turning around.

The scene flips to Mel at a church. Franklin surprises her. She looks terrified. He makes small talk about her living in Texas before giving her the bad news about her “friend” Irene’s death.


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He says he’s not mad about her shooting him, but he has a problem with her ratting him out to Irene about his business.

He angrily asks if there’s something she has to say, and she demands to know the truth about her father. He admits to killing Andre. As Franklin walks out, he stops to hang up his cane. He struts out the door without it.