‘Snowfall’: Will Alton Survive? Fans Weigh In Ahead of the Season 4 Finale

One of the biggest questions Snowfall fans have at this point in the TV show is about the fate of Alton Saint. Once a trusted member of Franklin’s inner circle, Alton has found himself on the outs after exposing their operation. Of course, he only did it to provide a way out for his family. But knowing Franklin, it’s hard to imagine him letting it slide — even if Alton is his father.

But what exactly will happen to Alton in Snowfall? Will he survive, or is his time up? As the time to the season 4 finale winds down, fans are weighing in.

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Franklin will have to make a decision about his father in the season 4 finale of ‘Snowfall’

Ever since Alton’s betrayal, Reed has been pushing Franklin to deal with his dad. But Franklin is dragging his feet, seemingly conflicted about what he should do. In the meantime, Reed decided to handle Irene, who had been threatening to take her findings to the radio. He got her drunk, killed her, and staged it as a drunk driving incident.

After learning of her death, Alton immediately knew something else had happened to her. He’s last seen snatching up a few things and running for the door, seemingly heading for Cuba to save himself. But a sneak preview for the season 4 finale of Snowfall reveals he’s more determined than ever to get Irene’s story out.

The clip finds Alton in a radio interview, revealing everything he knows about the CIA’s involvement in crime, even naming Reed and threatening to reveal more about him. “They bring drugs and guns in our neighborhood. They got the kids killing each other. They desecrating our communities, and I’m sick of it!” he yells as the scene cuts to an enraged Franklin.

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What fans think will happen to Alton in ‘Snowfall’

After seeing that sneak preview, fans are seriously worried for Alton, with many speculating that Franklin will wind up killing him. But at the same time, there were plenty other guesses about what could happen.

“I think either Franklin kills Alton or Alton kills teddy,” one person wrote in the comment section. “Think about it, Teddy is done with the cia his storyline is over and they been hinting at Alton running to Cuba so maybe but they also hinted at Franklin killing his father.”

A second person chimed in saying they absolutely believe Alton will die in the episode. “alton going night night this episode,” read their comment.

“Yea he gotta go now man he doing to much man,” a third agreed.

“Alton has to go,” read a fourth comment. “Idc who does it.”

Yeah, things really aren’t looking so good for Alton right now. But if there’s anything we know about Snowfall, it’s that it’s full of twists and turns you’d never see coming. So maybe this won’t be the end for Alton. Find out when Snowfall airs on April 21 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.