‘Snowpiercer’ Engineer Iddo Goldberg Shares What His Character Brought to the Series

Snowpiercer came out in 2013 and starred Chris Evans as a poor survivor fighting his way from the back to the front of the last train on a frozen Earth. TNT spent five years adapting the movie into a TV series and embellishing the story so the train can keep rolling week after week. Iddo Goldberg plays a brand new character who represents how the Snowpiercer operates now.

Iddo Goldberg | Justina Mintz/WarnerMedia

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Goldberg spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone on May 14 to discuss his role in Snowpiercer. Snowpiercer airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on TNT.

Iddo Goldberg plays Bennett Knox on ‘Snowpiercer’

Bennett Knox is the engineer of the Snowpiercer. He’s held this job for a long time, says Goldberg.

“Bennett is an engineer who I guess was part of an early crew who were hired to work on the train and believed in this whole experiment,” Goldberg said. “The powers that be realized that these scientists, leading scientists in the world’s effort to stop the effects of global warning was a bad idea. They were right and the world froze over. He was part of this select crew were obviously very good at what they did.”

Bennett Knox helped build the Snowpiercer

The Snowpiercer travels around the world until such time as it will be safe for humans to depart. Goldberg said Knox was involved in building the train, then got hired to drive it.

“They kind of put together this incredible piece of metal that’s going to house the remnants of humanity,” Goldberg said. “I really like that he’s a lot more balanced than I am when it comes to dealing with emergencies. He’s kind of reliable, he’s kind of like a good watch, he’s pretty much like a tool box for the train is the way I would describe it.”

Bennett Knox is in a relationship with Melanie Cavill

Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) manages the passengers on Snowpiercer, from the wealthy privileged ones in the front to the desperate ones stuck in the back. Knox and Cavill are a couple.

I think both of them having both worked so closely in the development of the train, having lost and dealt with personal trauma and pain, I think they were people who eventually found comfort and honesty in each other. I think there is certain things about the train that both of them know they can’t share with other people. Having been part of the construction and the ideas of the train, Bennett obviously knows a lot of stuff that a lot of other people don’t know.

Iddo Goldberg, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 5/14/2020

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Goldberg elaborated on the connection Knox and Cavill found in each other.

“There’s that I think just like the human elements of comfort and just being able to be real with each other in an environment where survival and people are literally hungry for power and status and how that changes people,” Goldberg siad. “Being able to have someone that you completely trust unconditionally is hugely lucky for both of them I think.”

Iddo Goldberg created a lot of his ‘Snowpiercer’ character

Knox was a bit of a mystery in the first Snowpiercer script Grame Manson wrote. Goldberg did his homework, and as he learns more about his character, realizes he was right.

Inside the Snowpiercer | Jesse Giddings/WarnerMedia

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“I think there’s a lot of that stuff that you have to do yourself,” Goldberg said. “We get clues of elements of his backstory but a lot of it stuff that I thought about myself. Obviously, as things went on, I kind of pieced this stuff together. I wasn’t miles away at all.”