Sofia Carson Shot 1 Music Video While in a Pool Surrounded by Fire

Sofia Carson channeled the elements in her latest music videos. For “Fool’s Gold,” this artist explained that she actually stood in a pool surrounded by fire — the train of her dress was lit by a CGI fire for another scene. Here’s what we learned from her segment on The Walk In with Mo Heart.

Sofia Carson released her self-titled album and the music video for ‘Fool’s Gold’

US actress Sofia Carson attends the 2022 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards
‘Descendants’ actor and ‘Sofia Carson’ songwriter, Sofia Carson, attends the 2022 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards | MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

After months of anticipation, Carson released her debut album, Sofia Carson, in 2022. This production included tracks “It’s Only Love, Nobody Dies,” “Loud,” and “Fool’s Gold.”

Since its premiere, the “Fool’s Gold” music video earned over 2 million views. The track itself earned over 4 million Spotify plays, making it one of the most popular songs from the 2022 release. 

Some fans even shared their thoughts on Reddit, with one fan writing, “Oh wow, what a bop?! This is the whole formula for a radio smash.”

“Why isn’t this on the radio? It’s too underrated. It’s crazy. A true masterpiece,” a YouTube comment said, with another writing, “Sofia’s voice is literally heaven. I just feel sorry for those people who don’t know her.”

Sofia Carson themed her ‘Fool’s Gold’ music video to fire

Aside from her music, Carson is known for sporting iconic looks on the red carpet. The artist showcased some of her favorite fashion moments thanks to the Amazon Music YouTube series The Walk In, hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race alumna Mo Heart. While looking toward the future, Carson pulled out a gold Dundas dress that she wore for the single “Fool’s Gold.”

“The visual story of that video was all told through fire,” Carson said. “And so everything kind of informed our fashion choices was the idea and the concept of fire, and I actually shot this while in a pool surrounded by fire. 

“And I did hair almost as big as yours,” Carson joked, turning to the series’ host. For the same music video, the artist sported a boot-to-neck Balenciaga look, with some added CGI fire to the train. The elements inspired other music videos by Carson, including “Loud,” which was informed by air. 

What movies has Sofia Carson been in besides ‘Descendants’?

In 2020, Carson appeared in the Netflix original production Feel the Beat as April, a dancer/choreographer who transforms a group of misfits into champion performers. In 2016, she acted in A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits.

Before her solo music career, Carson was known for her work with the television network Disney Channel. She starred in the Descendants franchise as the daughter of the Evil Queen named Evie. 

There, she performed “Chillin’ Like a Villain,” “Night Falls,” “Ways to be Wicked,” and other original songs that have since been added to the streaming service Spotify. Music by Carson is available on most major music platforms. 

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