Some ‘Bachelor’ Fans Are ‘Done Watching’ Peter Weber’s Season After Producers Manipulate it Too Much

The Bachelor has long been known for serious drama, and Peter Weber’s season isn’t disappointing. While Weber was very in love with Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette, he’s now trying his hand at finding the woman of his dreams. And while he believes she’s on the show, it hasn’t been easy. From returning exes to the producers seemingly plotting some women against others, the whole season feels messy and complicated already.

The producers love when drama occurs, as there’s nothing worse than a boring season. But are they taking things too far? It seems some fans think the show should cool it with the antics. Here’s what they’re saying.

The producers seemed to bring stressful chance encounters into Peter Weber’s world early on

Peter Weber as 'The Bachelor' with Hannah Brown
Peter Weber as ‘The Bachelor’ with Hannah Brown | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

We know Brown had a rough go at love on The Bachelorette, and she appears to be single after her engagement to Jed Wyatt came to a disastrous end. For this reason, it makes total sense to bring her on the show for the drama.

Not only did Brown hop out of the limo when the women first arrived, but during one of the early challenges, she also cried to Weber about her confused feelings for him. It ended up ruining the challenge completely, as it took up all of Weber’s time. And it also put him in a state of pining for Brown, though he then sent her packing to focus on the other women.

Brown showing up had to be OK’d by the producers, of course.

After that, one of the most dramatic moments so far took place — and it was all about champagne. Elite Daily reminds us Kelsey Weier had a special bottle of champagne set up for her and Weber, but Hannah Ann Sluss thought the show producers set it up just for her and Weber to enjoy. Later, it was discovered that there were two bottles of champagne — but it caused a major blowout between Sluss and Weier.

Recent events with Alayah Benavidez and Victoria Fuller also seemed staged

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The drama hasn’t let up at all since the beginning of the season, either. During Episode 4, Victoria Fuller went on a date with Weber to a Chase Rice concert. But Fuller and Rice once dated, making the whole ordeal totally awkward.

It seems Rice wasn’t happy producers set the date up the way they did, either. CNN notes Rice talked to Fitz in the Morning and told them he had no idea he’d be on that date, and he felt totally blindsided.

“The fact they did that to me, it’s over the top, it’s unnecessary, I didn’t expect it,” he said.

Aside from the Fuller-Rice drama, Alayah Benavidez also made her grand return after Weber sent her packing during the previous rose ceremony. Benavidez felt she was being unfairly ganged-up on by the other women. And the producers allowed her to come back and speak her peace, resulting in Weber awarding her a rose.

Some fans have had enough

While some Bachelor fans are here for the drama, others think this season has gone overboard.

“There’s so much drama it’s on the verge of looking fake,” one Reddit user said. “How can the producers push the idea that ‘the process works’ while simultaneously sabotaging the process at every turn?”

“A lot of seasons have been boring yes, but this one takes the prize of just being a new level of stupid highschool mentality locker room girl bickering,” another Reddit user wrote.

“This is the worst season. I might have to stop watching. The drama is painful not entertaining. Please stop over- producing,” yet another added.

We’re sure there’s plenty more drama to come despite fan backlash. We’ll have to wait and see if Weber can find the woman of his dreams despite it all.

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