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Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have built a different kind of life for themselves than the rest of the Duggar family. The two have been a breath of fresh air for some Duggar fans, stepping away from the strict Duggar house rules in favor of a life of their own.

For a while, Duggar and Vuolo were fan favorites. But now, fans are concerned the couple’s entire brand is becoming far too “commercial.”

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in California in 2019
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in California in 2019 | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo once posted fun-loving family photos to social media

When Duggar and Vuolo were first married, they charmed fans with their adorable relationship. The couple moved to Laredo, Texas, and they enjoyed days out together, which they often documented on their Instagram accounts.

Once Duggar and Vuolo welcomed their first child, Felicity, their Instagram became even more geared toward their little family. Fans grew to love the posts of the two taking Felicity to her first soccer game, exploring their neighborhood, and more.

When Duggar and Vuolo moved to California, they continued to show off the close bond they had with their daughter. From getting ice cream to attending sporting events, fans were here to watch the family grow. But in time, things have changed.

Some fans think the two are only trying to make money

As Duggar and Vuolo settled into life in California, they started taking opportunities to develop business ventures. This isn’t uncommon for famous people, and at first, fans were excited. Duggar and Vuolo launched a podcast, Hope We Hold, and later started a candles and accessories brand called Hope & Stead. But as Duggar’s Instagram followers grew, so did her influencer opportunities. And with everything happening at once, fans started to recognize that there were more money-making opportunities than there had ever been before.

In mid-April, Duggar and Vuolo announced the release of their first book, The Hope We Hold. Some fans were thrilled for the two, but others felt it was a last straw as far as how commercialized the two had become.

“Sorry to say that this has turned into a self promoting commercial,” one Instagram user wrote below one of Vuolo’s book announcements. “I used to enjoy following your personal journey, but now all I see are you both hawking merch.”

“Sorry but it just seems like we are watching a commercial anymore … Wish the channel was like it used to be,” another user wrote.

“Omg we know [about the book] already!” someone else commented. “In the mean time you should have Jinger try to sell us some tooth cleaning strips or a hair drying brush.”


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Duggar and Vuolo have stepped away from any content involving their children

Fans have recently given Duggar and Vuolo a hard time for choosing not to post photos of their children. Many have slammed the couple for changing so much about their social media, but it’s likely they’re keeping the kids out of the spotlight for privacy reasons — something that’s common among celebrity couples.

Duggar and Vuolo haven’t said why they chose to stop photographing their kids, but fans think the lack of family photos — in combination with the constant plugging of products — is becoming a bit much.