Some Duggar Family Critics Think Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Sleep in Separate Bedrooms

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are a serious power couple in the Duggar family. The couple attained fame thanks to Jessa’s 18 siblings and famous parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. And now, the couple’s getting attention on their own for their life with their three kids.

It seems some family critics suspect Jessa and Ben sleep in separate bedrooms, though. Here’s the evidence some critics believe they’ve found to prove their point.

Jessa Duggar posted a photo of Ben Seewald sleeping next to their daughter, Ivy

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Jessa and Ben seem to have a loving marriage. The two got together when they were both in their early 20s, and they’re all about family and faith. Aside from Counting On, Jessa keeps her followers informed on what’s going on with Ben and their three kids via social media and YouTube.

Jessa posted a photo to Instagram on Jan. 17 of Ben sleeping next to their youngest child, Ivy. The photo is very sweet, as it shows the loving father-daughter relationship the two have. But Reddit users think the photo is suspicious. It seems some family critics on the site think Jessa sleeps with Ivy by her side while Ben typically sleeps in their sons’ room.

“So does Ben sleep in Jessa and Ivy’s room again?” one Reddit user pointed out after Jessa posted the photo.

Jessa posted a tour of her family’s home back in February 2020

It looks like critics first began to question Jessa and Ben’s sleeping arrangements after Jessa’s house tour video she posted to YouTube in February 2020. Jessa goes along with her kids and moves through each room of the house to show the layout of her home to her fans. At the beginning of the video, she states she hasn’t yet cleaned the house, and she goes back through the home after it’s been tidied up at the end.

Henry and Spurgeon’s room got the most attention in the video. Jessa states Spurgeon sleeps on a small toddler bed while Henry, the younger of the two, sleeps on a queen-sized bed.

“Henry sleeps on this queen-sized bed, which is also our guest bed,” Jessa explains.

She then pans around the room to show off the books, bookcases, and office setup Ben uses in the room. “This is Ben’s desk, this is where Ben studies,” Jessa clarifies. “It makes for a pretty good little study space.”

While Jessa didn’t say anything about Ben sleeping in the room permanently, some critics think the queen-sized bed must be for Ben to sleep in. But others think there’s actually no indication of this in the video.

“Ivy co-sleeps with Ben and Jessa, but there’s no indication that Ben and Jessa sleep separately at all,” a Reddit user who watched the house tour video noted.

Some critics think Jessa and Ben sleep in separate rooms for better parenting

Many critics assume Jessa and Ben sleep in separate rooms whether there’s actual proof or not — but is that so bad? Some are arguing that plenty of parents choose to sleep in their kids’ bedrooms while their children are young, and it’s not something to shame the couple for.

“I follow a British athlete and his fiancée on Instagram and they ended up sleeping in separate rooms, with a child each,” a Reddit user commented. “Think it was just so they all at least got some sleep.”

“I’m probably in the minority that I don’t find sleeping in separate bedrooms with the kids that weird because it’s what my family does …,” another wrote.

Others also considered that Jessa may have taken the photo of Ben and Ivy while visiting Ben’s parents’ home. For all fans know, the photo wasn’t even taken in their home, and whatever dynamics Ben and Jessa have in place haven’t changed at all.

We’re not sure if Ben and Jessa will ever address this ongoing rumor about their sleeping situation, but we’re certainly curious to hear more!

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