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La Familia Madrigal doesn’t talk about Bruno. Everything changes, however, when Mirabel discovers that the crack in her home begins and ends with her. Encanto takes viewers on a magical, musical journey that isn’t without its hidden Disney references.

Here’s what we know about the Frozen “easter egg” and why it was so significant for Bruno to be the one to sing part of “Let It Go.”

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ featured original songs created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, including ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ 

'Encanto' lead Mirabel voiced by Stephanie Beatriz holding a stack of plates while smiling
Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz) of the Disney animated film, ‘Encanto’ | Disney

Hidden in the mountains of Colombia is one magical family filled with powerful gifts. Luisa is extremely strong, while Camilo can shapeshift. Isabela, who created flowers and never had a bad hair day, was seemingly perfect in every way. On the other hand, Mirabel wasn’t given a magical gift like her siblings. 

“The challenge is the complexity of bringing 12 major characters all to the screen,” Miranda said during an interview with Collider. “That was the challenge we set up for ourselves at the beginning. We said, ‘We wanna talk about family, and we wanna present an intergenerational family, all under one roof.’”

As a large family, it’s not surprising that there are secrets regarding their estranged relative Bruno. When Mirabel finally meets her uncle, everything changes.

‘Encanto’ features a snippet of ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s 2013 animated film, ‘Frozen’

With multiple musical moments, the family Madrigal had a chance to explore their feelings. That includes Mirabel’s Tío Bruno, who returned to his home after years of being misunderstood regarding his gift into the future. 

Bruno is always throwing salt or sugar, but during “All Of Us,” this character proudly shouts, “let it in, let it out, let it rain, let it snow, let it go,” while flinging dirt. The last “Let It Go” was sung like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, who performed a song while embracing her magical ice powers. 

This lyric was an intentional reference to Disney’s 2013 release. One Reddit user even noted that Frozen’s “Let It Go” is listed in the Encanto credits along with original songs from the animated film. 


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Fans noticed some similarities between Bruno from ‘Encanto’ and Elsa from ‘Frozen’

Elsa is an ice queen from Arendelle, and Bruno can see the future. However, these magical Disney characters share some similarities, especially regarding the strength of their powers. 

At the end of the day, Elsa and Bruno both hide their gifts to protect their loved ones. After having an incriminating vision about Mirabel, Bruno ran away from his family. After her ice powers were revealed to her sister and her kingdom, Elsa ran away for the same reason. 

Although there was a Tangled easter egg/crossover when Rapunzel and Eugene visited Arandelle, Elsa did not physically appear in Disney’s recently released film, Encanto. Both Frozen and Encanto are available on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+.