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Charlie Hunnam is best known for playing the role of Jax Teller for seven seasons on Sons of Anarchy. But his career nearly went in a completely different direction. His film career could have started much sooner. He turned down a role in a popular romantic comedy. He also came close to being one of the original six Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Charlie Hunnam Marvel
‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Charlie Hunnam | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Charlie Hunnam turned down a big role in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

Since Sons of Anarchy ended in 2014, Hunnam has starred in a number of films. His filmography includes Pacific Rim, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, The Lost City of Z, and The Gentlemen.

His career focus has turned solely to movies, but during the first part of his career the majority of his roles were on television. Hunnam started out on Byker Grove and Queer as Folk in the UK. His first TV role in America was on Judd Apatow’s Undeclared.

While starring on the Fox series, Hunnam met one of the stars of the Apatow universe, Jason Segel. He went on to play the role of Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. He also wrote and starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

When Segel wrote the script, he had Hunnam in mind for the role of Aldous Snow. He wrote the character as a British writer, but according to the Chicago Tribune Hunnam turned down the part. They ended up giving the role to Russell Brand and changed the character from a writer to a rock star.

Chris Hemsworth ended Hunnam’s chances of joining the MCU

According to the International Business Times, Hunnam also came close to landing the role of Thor in the MCU. During the CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards press conference in 2017, Hunnam told the story of his Marvel experience.

“I wasn’t supposed to do Thor. I auditioned and I met with the director and the guys at Marvel several times, four of five times, and it was sort of this awkward dance that we were having,” Hunnam said.

He explained that he wasn’t 100 percent sure he wanted the part. And, Marvel wasn’t 100 percent sure they wanted him to do it, either. However, Hunnam says there was something that kept bringing him back into the mix. Something that kept Marvel gravitating toward him.

However, when they “found Chris Hemsworth, Hunnam says “that ended abruptly.”

The 40-year-old also famously walked away from the role of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. He says he did this because of anxiety and bad timing.

Charlie Hunnam is reportedly in talks to join the DCEU

As We Got This Covered notes, Hunnam has always been a popular choice among fans for the role of Oliver Queen in a solo Green Arrow movie. Now, it appears that Hunnam is in “early talks” about playing the character.

The popular CW show recently came to an end after eight seasons and 170 episodes. It now appears that the character will transition to the big screen as part of the DC Extended Universe.


Charlie Hunnam Wanted 1 Role So Badly, He Offered to Fight Marvel and DCEU Stars For It

Last year, Hunnam was reportedly on the DCEU’s “wish list” for the Green Arrow character. But, this is a long way from being set in stone. Considering the massive box failure of the effects-heavy King Arthur, Hunnam might just turn down another role if it isn’t the right fit.