Sources Allege Ezra Miller ‘Weaponizes’ Their Gender Identity When Someone ‘Pisses Them Off’

Ezra Miller was one of Hollywood’s brightest stars not so long ago. The actor showed great promise and was touted as one to watch out for. They had transgressed gender identities and was hailed as a queer icon. In an industry built on scripted narratives, Miller was praised for their honesty. The actor recently began making headlines for problematic behavior, from hurling slurs to grooming allegations. Sources now allege that Miller “weaponizes” their gender identity when someone pisses them off.

Ezra Miller’s victims’ parents had to fight to protect them

Ezra Miller has been dealing with several legal issues in the past two years, from multiple arrests to cult and grooming accusations. In August 2022, Business Insider did an expose on Miller that detailed their problematic behavior. The extensive piece detailed two accounts from separate sets of parents who allege that The Flash actor groomed their children.

According to the outlet, a North Dakota businessman Chase Iron Eyes and his wife, Sara Jumping Eagle, filed protective orders against Miller. In the court documents, Iron Eyes and his wife allege that Miller physically and verbally abused their 18-year-old daughter Tokata Iron Eyes (Gibson) after grooming her for six years.

According to Tokata’s parents, she and Miller met in 2016 when she was just 12 years old when they were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Miller kept tabs on the child. When Tokata turned 14, Miller flew her to the London premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

In June 2022, Tokata’s parents obtained a temporary protective order from a tribal court in North Dakota requesting that the actor be kept away from their child. The court dismissed a request for a permanent protection order, and Tokata’s parents withdrew it, believing there was nothing more they could do.

Tokata isn’t Miller’s only victim, as that same month, a mother in Massachusetts filed a protection order against the actor, saying their interest in her nonbinary 12-year-old made the family uncomfortable.

Several sources claim Ezra Miller weaponizes their gender identity when confronted

Actor Ezra Miller at the 2020 Grammy After Party in Los Angeles, California
Ezra Miller at the 2020 Grammy After Party | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic via Getty Images

The past two years have seen Ezra Miller go on a downward spiral while they continue to make questionable and regrettable decisions. What endeared them to many has now become an arsenal for the actor.

According to a special report by Vanity Fair, those who know the actor personally believe they use their gender identity as a weapon whenever they have to face some tough situations. Tokata’s mother, Jumping Eagle, said Miller would brand anyone who pisses them off as “transphobic or a transphobic Nazi.”

She said, “Because we’re trying to protect our daughter, and we’re trying to point out what Ezra’s done to harm our daughter, now we’re ‘transphobic.'” One of Miller’s friends pointed out that Miller was manipulative and that they used their gender identity to be awful to others.

Fandom Wire recalled an incident in Berlin, Germany, earlier this year when one woman said she asked Miller to leave her flat after feeling uncomfortable with their presence. She said Miller began hurling insults at her, calling her “a transphobic piece of s**t” and a “Nazi.”

Miller’s rep refuted the allegations calling them “completely untrue.” They said Miller “stands up for civil rights, gender equality, encourages conversation and discourse, so weaponized identity runs counter to who they are.”

Miller’s former fiancé said they gaslit her


After ‘The Flash,’ Ezra Miller Will Be Too ‘Radioactive’ to Hire in Hollywood, Redditors Say

When Ezra Miller took on the role of the Flash in 2016, they were in a committed relationship with a woman named Erin. She told Vanity Fair that after they broke up, Miller convinced her and their friends that she was abusive.

Erin said Miller never took responsibility for their actions, even when she tried calling them out. She said that back then, she didn’t understand the term gaslight, but Miller branding her as the abusive one had her “emotionally f**ked up for years.”

Following the allegations, Miller released a statement to Variety claiming they are seeking help and are undergoing treatment for “complex mental health issues.” Miller apologized to those he’s “alarmed” with their behavior.”